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Feather polymer clay cane in angel white

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All white polymer clay feather cane. Almost completely white. I mixed a touch of pearl in with plain white clay and used a very pale tan to show the rays in the feather. This is the purest "white" I've made to date. It would be perfect to make angel wings with. Or fairy wings if you prefer. Or simply use as feather charms. I uploaded an extra shot of just some pieces.
Feather canes also work well as simple decorative design elements. Or could double as flower petals or even frosty leaves. Very versatile.


Canes are sold in 2" long sections but I always cut slightly longer before shipping to allow for ends that won't be perfect.

Look at the extra images for one of this cane next to a coin for diameter.

Use polymer clay canes to make beads, buttons, cover objects or make scrap book pieces. Clay canes are very easy to use and I'm always happy to help if you have any questions.
Slice with a thin blade, either one made for clay or an exacto will work, slice off sections. You can simply slice pieces and bake to make easy beads, or apply to any surface that can handle being in the oven.

Polymer clay does not "dry out." It needs to be "conditioned" before using and all that means is out of the package, the clay needs to be worked, and churned. This blends the plasticizers within and assures when baked it will have optamum strength.
The process of making a cane assures that it has been well conditioned. And this only has to be done once. I've done it for you.

If your having problems, here are some tips. And if you still have problems please ASK ME. I'm more than happy to help out.

If the clay squishes, pop it in the freezer for a few minutes to stiffen it up making it easier to to get a nice clean slice.
Quarter inch thick pieces make nice charms for jewelry, or as scrap book pieces.
Paper thin slices work as a veneer on any surface that can take baking.
(Look at some of my eggs for this technique.)

If you want to manipulate your slices, say stretch them, flatten, trim, shape or what ever, then it helps to actually warm your cane up a bit.
Holding it in your hands for several minutes does this just fine.
Sometimes you may need to give your cane what I call a "wake up squeeze." If yours seems too stiff, or hard to manipulate, try this.
Gently squeeze both ends of your cane together. This will make the cane shorter and fatter. (Also handy if you need larger pieces than the cane is.)
Then starting from the mid section, and with feathers I use a thumb finger pinch type grip, squeeze the feather together. Move along towards one end and repeat. All the way down.
Your basically compressing then re reducing it. And you only need a slight movement. This little bit of movement really goes a long way to making the cane more flexible.
You can also keep reducing making your cane longer and smaller until you get to what ever size you need.

The ONLY thing that can ruin a cane is if it gets over heated. Say in a hot car in the sun. Though it fully cures at 265f, it can start to harden at close to 100f. One lady put hers in a window cill to "warm it up" and ended up partially cooking it.
So how can you tell? If it crumbles, it's not good. Do that wake up squeeze I mentioned above. Unless it got cooked in transit, it will work fine.

Bake at 265f for a half hour to cure. (That's a half hour per quarter inch. Really thin slices can do with less. You can always bake twice, or at a lower temp for a longer period of time but don't over heat.)
Cured clay can be painted, drilled, sanded, varnished, (ask me with what.) or just left as is.
Clay can be baked repeatedly without any problems. So one idea for lets say beads, is to pre bake a bead form out of scrap clay, then apply slices from your cane, smooth, and bake again.
With feathers this can be quite striking.

To see every cane I ever made on one page, copy this and put it in a new window.

Enjoy and thanks for looking.

Materials Used

polymer clay

Product Attributes

Color: White


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Guest Shopper says:
very very nice, and elegant.
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This is totally gorgeous. Can't wait to use it.
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love it!
Guest Shopper says:
this feather is past pretty beyond, breath taking
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