Dean's Supernatural Protection Amulet

Product Description
Obsessed with Supernatural? Do you love Sam and Dean? Need some extra protection?
Check out this awesome Necklace that was inspired by Dean's Lucky Amulet.

The amulet measures 1.25" long X .75 wide and is bronze in color- It comes tied to a leather black cord 26" necklace that can easily be slipped on or off over your head.

We have lots of awesome SPN themed items so be sure to browse our studio!

**This is not an officially licensed product. This was fan made/themed after our favorite shows, characters, movies and books. No copyrights are given or implied.** The bracelet charms are attached with silver plated split rings (which are similar to mini keychain rings) for added durability. Not all charms offered are '3D' but have a 'flat back' (which means one side is detailed while the opposite is blank/flat). Most charms are Pewter unless otherwise stated.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
This Necklace was inspired by one of our favorite TV shows: Supernatural and one of coolest Bad-asses ever: Dean Winchester
Materials Used
Leather Cord, Bronze pewter amulet Protection charm
Product Attributes

Size: 26" long

Color: Bronze

Ships To United States
First Item: $2.00
Additional Items: $0.25

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