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Color Changing Glass Pipe - Gold and Silver Fume - Glow in the Dark

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Glow in the Dark Glass Pipe

All of our glass is hand crafted in our Arizona workshop. We pride ourselves on quality, well made glass art.

You get the piece pictured. It measures 4.1 inches (10.4 cm) .

This is not your grandfather's tobacco pipe! (He would probably think it's pretty rad, though.) Glass pipes are wonderful because they can be cleaned completely! No pipe cleaner fuzz or pokey wires - just drop them in a baggie of rubbing alcohol for a few hours and rinse with hot water, and repeat if you must. They are left completely odorless, and looking like new!

t's a pretty pink glass tobacco pipe now, but it won't stay so clean and clear if you use it... and that's where the beauty of fumed or color changing glass. The glass has an ultra-thin layer of pure gold and silver melted into it, and it has reflective properties that make the glass change amazing colors when it has a dark background. You can see it transform from light pink to a blue and gold/ green in the photos with the black behind - that is just a taste of what happens when they are dirtied up with your favorite Cavendish. FREE U.S. SHIPPING!

You may not have seen glow in the dark glass like our before, and that is because we mix our own glow in the dark glass material in small batches.

The glow pigment that we use is high quality, long glowing, completely non-toxic, and completely encased in the glass on all sides. It can be recharged again, and again, for the life of the glass, which with proper care is indefinitely. Sun light, lamps, and black lights all charge the glow in the dark pigment. Turn out the lights, or take it into a dark spot to enjoy the science.

***To purchase tobacco accessories, like glass pipes, you must be of legal age to do so by law where you live! We will refund any paid money, and will not ship to you if your purchase is restricted for any reason***

We ship in recycled packaging when possible - with lots of bubble wrap - at least twice each week.

Glowing in the dark, or luminescence, is a simple matter of chemistry. Certain chemicals have molecules that store energy in them from photons when they are exposed to light. This extra stored energy excites them, and not being able to hold on to the extra energy, they will slowly release photons. This causes them to emit a small amount of light, and glow in the dark.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Glass, blown glass, glow in the dark, silver, gold, fume

Size: Medium / Small

Pattern: Silver fume, gold fume, stars, space

Color: Pink


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We will not ship to any state where items purchased are prohibited. We will refund your money if it is the case.

You must follow all local laws when ordering! These are collectible tobacco pipes. You must be of legal to age to buy a tobacco pipe in any shop. Also - If you mention anything about using something I sell for anything illegal, I can't sell it to you.

We check to make sure everything is in perfect condition when shipping, and we are very careful to make sure that your new piece of art won't be damaged during shipping. Due to the nature of the items on this page, we cannot offer refunds or returns. If you are heartbroken and devastated about something unfortunate happening during shipping, feel free to get in touch of me, and I will always see what I can do. No complaints, yet!

If you check out opting to pay with check or money order, we cannot ship your order until we receive payment.

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