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Antique Chinese Qing Silver Repousse Kylin Necklace

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Antique Ching Dynasty (1644 -1911 ) Silver Kylin Necklace Silver Chain

In the late 1970's Joel and I were fortunate enough to travel to Hong Kong and purchase a number of ANTIQUE Chinese needle holders, necklaces depicting Kylins, and locks - all of which are from the Q'ing Dynasty (1644-1911).

These Chinese artifacts are VERY rare, extremely collectible and almost impossible to find 'intact' without missing pieces.
This is one of the rare antique Qing Dynasty Kylin silver necklaces that we acquired and have decided to part with.

This antique Chinese museum quality neck piece is well over 100 years old and in excellent condition. It is an extraordinary ornate three dimensional Ching (Qing) Dynasty Chinese silver 'Kylin' (pronounced "Chee-lin" ) with a human figure riding him and is meant for good health and long life. The repousse is both front and back as shown in the photos.
Traditionally, these pieces were presented as gifts to newborn babies so that they would be protected against sickness and insured for good health and longevity.
? The Kylin is a Chinese mythical beast who symbolizes good fortune. Generally, it had the head of a sheep, the body of a deer, the feet of a horse, the claws of a wolf and the tail of an ox. It could have one horn or a pair of horns on its head. In the minds of the ancients, the Kylin was a lucky animal, and one of the four magic animals (the other three being the dragon, the phoenix and the tortoise). The Kylin was said to have the ability to produce lucky signs, communicate with Heaven, spread moral ethics, convey benevolence, all the while looking elegant and graceful. It was also a symbol of longevity, because it could live from 1000 to 3000 years and it was also believed to be particularly fond of benign emperors.

As Chinese Folklore has it , before Confucius was born, a Kylin appeared in Jueli Village, near Qufu, capital of the State of Lu ( in present-day Shangdong Province), and spit from its mouth a book made of jade. Knowing it was a good omen, Confucius' mother Yan Zhengzai tied a silk thread around the horn of the Kylin. The Kylin stayed the night, and left the following day.
Shortly afterwards, Confucius was born. Since then, the image of Kylin was regarded as a symbol of a good marriage, an easy childbirth, and a lucky child,

Later, the 'Child-delivering Kylin' became a popular theme for paintings , carvings and even embroideries . Gold or silver neckbands, hat decorations, bibs, and pictures with image of the Kylin were given as gifts to a relative or friend who had just given birth to a child. In some areas of China according to legend, a bride would wear a bib with the image of the Kylin at her wedding ceremony, in hopes of bearing a child soon.?
Four "bell like " amulets ( 15mm in diameter ) - each of which has five (5 ) ornate dangles with intricate repousse designs - hang beneath the Kylin ( there are 25mm to the inch ) with each dangle approximately 1" long. They make a wonderful tinkling sound and quite substantial looking at more than 1/2" in diameter.

This fabulously ornate Kylin measures 2 1/2" across by 2 1/2" tall and a bit over 1/4 thick. The chains that the bells hang from are approximately 2" long .The total length of the chain that the Kylin focal piece hangs on is 23" and easily slips over your head should you choose to wear this magnificent statement piece.

We 100% guarantee this to be a genuine Chinese antique - a fabulous artifact - purchased by us in Hong Kong.
? Price is for this one piece which weighs 107.5 grams .?
It is in excellent condition. Not polished - original patina.

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Antique Chinese Silver

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Primary Material: Antique Chinese Silver

Size: 23"

Pattern: EurekaEureka

Color: Silver


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