LITTLE DANCERS Pow Wow Dance Fan - Just Right For Your Little Dancer

Product Description
Doy you have a little dancer who would like to have a dance fan just right for his/her little hand. Now you can. Made of all high quality feathers and leather. White duck feathers, red feather hackles, soft suede cream deerskin with fringes and last but not least Jim Sutton's hand beaded applique. Now when you go to that Pow Wow, your little dancer can dance right along with the big guys.

The handle is soft and easy to hold flat design so that the dancer always has it in the right position. Measurements are: Fan from tip of feathers to bottom of handle is 10", handle width is 1 3/4", fringe length is 6 1/2"

We make these custom so you can choose what color hackle feathers you would like, what color dear skin (if we have it at the time), and the colors of the beading, and to some extent a change in the design of the beads. Also, small dance bells can be added to the handle so that your little dancer can also jangle with the best of them.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
We attend many Pow Wows and over and over we have seen very small children who come by our booth with their parents, wish to hold the fans or the drums. We also noticed that when a family member is out on the floor dancing, the little one wants to participate but most fans are much too expensive and too big for them to handle. So last year, we decided to make something that a parent can use to bring their little dancer up with that is there very own first dance fan.

This is not a toy and is made with the same care that we make our adult dance fans and so parents would want to only give the child the fan during dance sessions.

We want all our Native American brothers and sisters, including the little ones, to have the items they require.
Materials Used
Duck feather, Chicken hackles, Glass beads, Deer Skin, Sinew
More Info
Flat Creek Trading Post is owned by Jim and Kitty Sutton, both Cherokee artists. We make all types of custom regalia including flutes, drums, dance fans, moccasins and much more. Please email us if you are in need of a particular item because, we do not put all of our items up.
Product Attributes

Primary Material: Duck feathers, deer skin, chicken hackles, glass beads, sinew

Size: Small

Pattern: Custom Indian Dance Fan

Color: Blue

Ships To United States
First Item: $6.50
Additional Items: $1.00

All Other Countries
First Item: $29.95
Additional Items: $2.00

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