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Black Magick. Powerful magick for WEALTH and ESTATE GAINS.

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With the Sabbat of Samhain approaching, the energy is becoming intense and the spirits are beginning to become quite aware of the thinning of the veil. This piece was used to harness the power and energy of the full moon to bring great things to you in all parts of your existence. Matters of personal desires will benefit immensely from this light and dark arts necklace.

Bound with black magick spells to give you CONTROL of the situation.

Spells to bring you WEALTH and increase your overall net worth.

Spells to bring you ESTATE GAINS. Get the home your desire, the life you wish to live financially, and the estate to leave your family secure.

Spells to PROTECT you from any backlash of your desires. No need to worry about what will happen to anyone you love, these ancient protection spells have you covered.

This is a sterling silver with rainbow topaz and white pearl 7.5 inch bracelet. Does not need to be worn for magickal benefit.

This item was introduced into the Dark Coven gathering of the full moon. It will now be worked again on Samhain to include the magick of this most powerful of nights.

Many different spells will be introduced into this piece to allow your desires to come to you no matter the road to get them.

This is a powerful item! Use it only if you are sure you want what the piece offers.

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Size: 7.5

Color: Grey


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