Black Fused Glass Platter w Bright Crayon like Accents, 8 Inch Square

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Product Description
This fused glass plate has a black base that is accented with twenty bars of brilliant color. Bars of reds, oranges, yellows and greens form two raised rows in the center of the plate. The colorful raised bars tempt everyone that sees this platter to run their hands over the bars to feel the texture. I call this design my crayon plate because I've been told it reminds one of crayons due to the bright colors and the playful, happy feeling it gives off.

I can make this plate in various sizes. The two most popular sizes are 9 x 9 Inches and 7 x 14 inches. The price of the 9" x 9" size is $59 and the price of the larger 7" x 14" tray is $99.

This plate is a custom order piece that I will complete once I receive your order. After you order I will provide you with an estimated shipment date but it is usually 2-3 weeks after your order depending on the season. If you would like a date prior to ordering, please use the Contact Seller button in the upper right corner of this page to send me a message.

This plate required 4 firings to create. One firing to create the colored bars, a second firing to create the black base, a third firing to fuse the bars to the black base and a final firing to mold the flat piece of glass into its final shape.

All of my items are handmade in America in my Roswell, Georgia studio.
Materials Used
Bullseye Fusible Glass
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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Fused Glass

Size: 8 x 8 Inches

Pattern: Crayon

Color: Black

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