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Paper Stained Glass Book Kit-

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KLUTZ-Paper Stained Glass. This color-by-number is a kit that contains hours and hours of calm quiet fun; you hope! It is a totally new kind of color-by-number book; inside are twenty pictures and each one comes with two choices of coloring designs; or choose your own colors and do it your way. After the pictures are colored with the special non-toxic duo-tipped markers that are included they can be hung in a window; against a lighted background or even mounted on a lamp shade and the colors magically glow! Book contains sections on: How-To; Tips & Tricks; and directions for mounting and framing options; twelve duo-tip non-toxic markers; and two plastic suction cup hooks. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Author: Barbara Kane. Spiral-bound book with an attached plastic storage folder for markers; soft front cover and hard back cover. Imported.
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