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1948 Vintage Crochet Pattern Book Pineapple Ruffled Doilies

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This is a vintage 1948 crochet pattern book featuring patterns using pineapple motifs. Entitled "Pineapple Pageant", it was published by Clark's / J. & P. Coats (The Spool Cotton Company), "Book No. 252".

It is only a stapled booklet, and the cover is loose (though not yet detached), but the book itself is sound and has all its pages. It has some stains - though none dark and none obscuring text, and it is a bit dog-eared. It seems to have been used by its owner, but for a pattern booklet that is 64 years old, it's in pretty good shape.

It is 15 pages long, has at least 10 patterns, and has photographs of all the items. All of the patterns are for doilies, some of them with interesting ruffled edges. Still usable by someone who knows how to crochet! (In other words, not me!)

This booklet will be shipped to you in a stiff document envelope, or in a regular envelope with a backing board to prevent further damage to it. Like all my items, I offer a 100% guarantee in case you aren't happy with an item - though I try to describe things as best I can so you aren't disappointed!


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J & P Coats









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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I love estate sales. I found this booklet at a local estate sale and thought that I ought to offer it on Artfire for all those crochet artisans. I think it would be lovely if it could be used. I love seeing old patterns being used!

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I will be listing a few other vintage pattern books. Look for them in my store under "Vintage Paper Items".

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Primary Material: Paper

Pattern: Pineapple

Color: White


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