Messenger Bag From Favorite Jeans, Shirts and Sweaters

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Memory quilts are wonderful, but a messenger bag is a cool way to preserve and utilize some favorite clothing!

The messenger bag shown was created from a favorite pair of jeans....worn, patched, and loved! And the lining was created from a great striped sweater. The finished product is ragged-chic, though your custom bag can be neatly finished if you like.

Each bag is custom designed for you and made from the materials you send me. I can use jeans, sweaters, shirts, whatever! I can supplement with fabrics of my own as needed.

Children's bags made from embroidered and appliquéd overalls and jeans are just adorable!

Please email me through this website to discuss the possibilities!
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
My son just loved these jeans. He asked me time & again to patch them up but this last time he held them up and said "Mom, I can see through them! Like a favorite blankie, he just couldn't give them up and asked if I could make something with them. He loved the idea of a messenger bag, then came back with the striped sweater and asked if I could line the bag with it.

He loves the bag (and I'm so glad he's going back to college!)
Materials Used
jeans, sweaters, shirts, suit coats, jackets, etc.
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