Grandmas Lye Soap for Laundry, Poison Ivy, Grease Stains, Catfish Bait

Product Description
This large cake of lye soap is great for laundry, stains, and some like it for poison ivy. This all-natural handmade soap is made from the traditional lye soap recipe.

Ive collected anecdotal uses for lye soap for over 8 years. I have a list of almost 70 uses and it continues to grow. Lye soap can be used to wash dishes, clean dirty hands, as catfish bait, and even for the occasional wayward mouth.

If youd enjoy reading about these uses of lye soap, go to my blog at Just highlight that address with your mouse, hit ctrl+c to copy it. Then click in your address bar of the browser and hit ctrl+v to paste it in. Sorry I cant make the link clickable in this description.

My 1860 Lye Soap is a white hard over-sized bar. Formulated for laundry, stain removal, and historical uses. Includes only lard & lye. approximately 6 oz. 2 in. x 3 in.

WARNING: This soap is based on actual old-time recipes. It is a harsh soap, best for laundry or non-skin purposes. Though some enjoy its use for poison ivy. Discontinue use if irritating.

Ingredients: saponified lard
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
I found my Appalachian granny in the 1860 census, farming in the hills of Washington Co., OH, with her husband and 4 small children. This wouldve been her soap: simple lard and lye. Lye soap is a hard, pure white bar used for laundry, pets, poison ivy, removing human scent for hunters, and for the occasional wayward mouth.
Materials Used
saponified lard
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Color: White

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