Large gold starfish button

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This is a fairly large button, almost an inch and a half across.

Made from polymer clay, and the shank is hand formed wire which was baked right into the clay. The shank will not pull off.

See extra photos for a shot of the back side, one next to a ruler for size, and one shows the entire set together.

(Sorry, this is the last of the six left. But I can always make more if you need more.)

The gold of these buttons is a fairly new experiment of mine. After the black base is textured, I applied gold dust powder to the button. Normally I'd only do that to beads and other objects I plan to seal with clear gloss. But I don't use any sealer on buttons as I don't know how it will hold up in the wash.
I was afraid without sealer the gold dust would rub off. But... I've been told by a few other clay artists that no, the powder holds up really well.
I made a test button and ran it through the wash several times and sure enough. This works just fine.

Note; some small amount of gold dust may rub off the first time you try. But after one washing, that's it. It's kind of like when you pour glitter onto wet glue. Even after it dries, some will shake off. But only the particles that didn't actually touch glue.
Same with this clay. I use a stiff brush to apply the gold, so most of it is baked right in with the clay. Again, my test button held up fantastic.

Polymer clay buttons are completely washer safe. It's recommended you turn garments inside out mainly to keep buttons from clacking into the machine which might chip them.

Finally, I welcome requests. If you need more, or another size or shape, or color, what ever. I'm more than happy to take a crack at it. Just drop me a note.

Materials Used

polymer clay, gold dust powder

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