Oreo Cookie Scented Soy Candle Mason Jar Container Candle

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Product Description
Love Oreo Cookies? Well, this one smells just like opening up a pack of the yummy delights.

Oreo Cookie Wood Wick soy candles will give you the calming crackle and light of a fireplace.

Our candles are vegan and eco friendly and are also dyefree and heavily scented.

Wood Wick Candles are made with an all natural wooden wicks and a soy wax for a better burning candle.These candles come in a 8 oz square mason jar with rustic lid. Heavily

Here are a few benefits of a wood wick candle:

Our Wood Wick candles will remind you of sitting in front of the fireplace or around the campfire. You will hear soothing crackling sound as the flame burns the wood wick.

Second is the scent. The two layer wood wick that disperses the scent quicker than our traditional cotton wicks.

Another benefit of wood wick candles is their long life. Wood wick candles can last 100 hours or more, depending on the size of the candle.

Candles are shipped via USPS Priority Mail . We usually ship in 1-2 business days. To save money on shipping, I use flat-rate boxes when I can, six candles ship for the same price as three in the medium flat-rate box which holds up to six candles. The large flat-rate box is used for orders of 7-9 candles.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
We love oreos.
Materials Used
soy wax, fragrance, mason jar, wood wick,
Product Attributes

Primary Material: Soy wax, fragrance, mason jar, cotton, rustic, jar

Size: 8 oz

Pattern: Square mason jar

Color: White

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