Pink Heart Suncatcher with Tube Bud Vase (or Rooter)

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Product Description
This 7.5"x7.5" pink heart is made of semi-transparent wispy art glass, so it not only allows light to pass through to illuminate the glass but it also reflects light off the surface making it equally attractive whether hung in a window or on a wall. The 4" tube is .75" in diameter and is removable for easy cleaning. (And, should it break, it can easily be replaced as many cigars come in this size glass tube.)

Each piece of glass was individually hand cut using a traditional hand held glass cutter and then ground to its final shape. Copper foil was applied to the edges of all the pieces before they were soldered together. The finished piece was then cleaned, and polished. It comes complete and ready to give as a gift with a product tag and a suction cup for hanging.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
This piece is both decorative and functional and would warm any mother's heart especially if she has a youngster that likes to pick flowers for her. The 4" tube is the perfect size for clovers, dandelions, daisies or a single rose. If hung in a window, the tube is the right shape for "rooting" a cutting from another plant.
Materials Used
stained glass, copper foil, tinned copper wire, 4" glass tube, solder, polish
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Color: Blue

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