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Celtic Knot Four Leaf Clover Engineer Messenger Bag Green Embroidery

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If you are looking for a bag that combines your love of Celtic Knotwork and your Irish heritage, you've found it. This is our Celtic Four Leaf Clover Engineer Bag.

The embroidery on this bag is done in three shades of green. Not quite the forty shades found in Ireland, but a few of the more common ones. The background of the clover leaves are done in two darker shades. One is a deep dark forest green. The other is a rich grass green. Kelly or Irish green is used as a bright outline. It is also the color used to create the wonderful knotwork. If you look closely the clover is made of 4 intertwining hearts. You can also see additional hearts around the edge of the clover. This accent is also done in the forest green.

As for the bag, it is a medium sized vertical messenger style bag made of military grade 100% cotton canvas. There are two ways to carry this bag. There is a detachable shoulder strap made of cotton webbing. It also has a handle sewn to the top.

This bag also has pockets. Not just a few either, a whole bunch of them. If you are someone that needs pockets to stay organized, this is the bag for you. The Four Leaf Clover is embroidered on the front flap pocket. Once you open it up there are three more, smaller pockets mounted on the front of the large compartment pocket. The pocket on the top right has spaces for pens. The bottom pocket is large enough to fit an e-reader (If you intend to keep the reader there we do suggest that it be in a cover for extra protection). As for the large interior pocket, it is split with a second pocket flush with the back. This pocket is perfect for a tablet or netbook because of its ridged back (the sides and bottom are not padded so we again suggest more protection for your electronics, such as a sleeve).

Do you still need more pockets? Yes? OK. There are two small pockets; one on each side of the bag. There is also a flap pocket on the back of the bag. Is that enough pockets? No? Then unzip that back pocket to reveal a wall of small pockets and another flush pocket. The last pocket (that is known to us) is one on the opposite side of the front flap with a clear vinyl cover. This is most likely intended to be used for documents.

Details about this bag:
o The ultimate carry-all for business or travel
o Large, Laptop size main compartment
o Document compartment with ¾" zipper opening
o Dozens of pouches, compartments, and pen holders
o Plastic covered document sleeve
o Storm flap
o Cell phone pocket
o Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
o Top carry handle
o Nickel plated hardware
o Heavy duty cotton canvas
o 12"W X 14"T X 5 3/4" D

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Materials Used

Cotton Canvas, Thread, Stabilizer, Love

Product Attributes

Color: Green


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