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Circle Celtic Knot Deer Antler Kilt Pin Handmade Cap Badge Tie Tack

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Is the idea of a plain kilt pin unappealing? Do you want an unusual cap badge? This deer antler pin with Celtic knotwork may be just what you're looking for. The organic beauty of this pin will make a great addition to any piece of Scottish clothing.

The main portion of this pin is made from genuine deer antler. It is from the bottom of the antler, which is called the burr or crown. This portion is used because of the beautiful growths along the outside that give each antler an individual look. This piece varies in color from a creamy ivory to deep chocolate brown.

In the center of the badge is a simple circular Celtic knot. This is a piece of metal inlayed in the antler. The color is a wonderful antiqued brass, which coordinates with the shades of brown of the antler. The knotwork piece measures 7/8 inch or 22.225 mm. It is adhered to the antler with a very strong epoxy.

This pin measures 1.625 inches (41.275 mm) Tall by 1.375 inches (34.925 mm) Wide.

On the back there are two tie tack style pins to attach the pin to your chosen clothing item.

There is some heft to this pin, but no more than that of the cast metal clan badges that you find to put on your tam. This means it works great to keep that kilt down.

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Materials Used

Deer Antler Crown, 7/8" Antique Brass Button, Tie Tack Pins, Epoxy

More Info

Do not worry. No deer were harmed in the procurement of the deer antler crowns. They are from sheds (naturally cast off by the animal every year).

This means that they are found after the deer has dropped or cast their antlers. The shedding season can vary greatly from one geographic area to the next but it usually occurs between mid December and early April.

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What people are saying about this product…

Guest Shopper says:
It's beautiful work, but I was wondering if anyone knew the significance of this particular knot.
celtique_creations says:
I do not believe this knot has any meaning.

There are thousands of Celtic knots out there and only a handful have a specific meaning. In general, because you can continually trace a knot over and over again, they are said to represent the circle of life or infinity.

Thank you for looking.
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