Handmade Pendant Ethiopian Cross and Star, Buffalo Horn, Bone Beads

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Ethiopia is the place where Judaism and Christianity are linked inextricably in the minds of the people who in the twentieth century were ruled by the Christian 'Lion of the Tribe of Judah.' This fascinating symbol became common in Ethiopia but rather mysterious in the rest of the world. The cross and star amulet from Ethiopia is the focal point of this very East African style necklace. The symbol combines the two great world religions that were united in the person of the Ethiopian ruler, Haile Selassi. The title Lion of the Tribe of Judah held sacred the Jewish and the Christian religions.

This cruciform star of David symbol shows this religious tenet that the Ethiopians have held for generations. It is made of silver alloy, a sort of what has been called here in the U.S. 'pot metal,' that is, metal that combines different metals in no certain portions. African pieces sold from Ethiopia and other parts of Africa and the Arabian Gulf regions will often label the piece simply as 'white metal.' It is habitually worn by the people there without demanding a 'sterling' standard for their silver jewelry.

The amber colored beads are made of dyed water buffalo horn from Morocco and the black beads are dyed buffalo bone. The separator beads are silver alloy from the Middle East. The necklace is strung on soft black satin cord and is long enough to fit comfortably over the head without the use of a clasp.

Length of necklace cord - 26.5 in (67.5 cm)
Dimensions of Pendant - 24 mm x 51 mm

Materials Used

silver metal, bone, horn

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Product Attributes

Size: Length 26.5 in (67.5 cm)

Color: Silver

What people are saying about this product…

PrettyGonzo says:
The Ethiopian cross pendant is so very interesting in this lovely necklace.
Covergirlbeads says:
This is a beautiful necklace! The colors are perfect with it!
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