Brown fading to silver - foldformed copper Double Underscore earrings

Product Description
Subtle handmade foldformed earrings in heat treated and patinaed copper. Be sure to look at the close-up! This patina is grand on close viewing.

Simple foldformed rectangles approx. 2" long, 5/16" wide.

Earwires are 14/20 gold-filled: a heavy layer of gold wrapped around a base metal core. The patina on the copper comes about from heating the copper to a glow, then after it has cooled, heating again while brushing on silver patina. The copper is sealed with lacquer to keep the colors bright and prevent wear and oxidization.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
We have been working with foldforming techniques for a couple of years now. Foldforming involves folding and hammering sheets of ductile metals to create three-dimensional forms which arise naturally from the compression and spreading of the metal. In this style, which we sometimes call a Double Underscore, two t-folds are made in the vise, resulting in crevices in the metal, a subtle but important design element.

These two pairs are a very happy experiment: the subtly mottled brown color of the copper results from annealing the sheet to soften it. Often we leave that color alone, but in this case, I gave it a partial layer of silver patina over the top, brushing on a solution of silver nitrate while heating the metal to catalyze the reaction. I left it with a gentle fade from the brown to the silver, for some stunning pairs of earrings. Only three pairs exist in this style and colorway.
Materials Used
copper, silver nitrate patina, gold-filled earwires
More Info
Every pair is hand-forged, and the patinas are natural effects, so every pair is unique. I made only three pairs like this from the strip I folded and patinaed in this pattern, so when they're gone, they're gone.
Product Attributes

Primary Material: Foldformed copper

Color: Grey

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