Doc Kazoo Handmade Kazoo Membranes

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This listing is for one pack of four (5) Doc Kazoo Resonator Membranes. My membranes are 3/4 outside diameter. The inner plastic membrane is 9/16 diameter. As my membranes are hand made and not individually tested it is possible to receive one that is flat or just doesn't sound right. I always include two extra membranes in each package just in case. My membranes should fit most standard kazoos however they are designed specifically for my kazoos. They may need to be trimmed to fit certain kazoos models.

Over the years I have developed a contemporary style resonator membrane with a paper border and plastic membrane. In the past I used the old timey method with a strip of vibrating material. Exactly the same way we did with wax paper when I was a kid. I wanted to find a combination of materials that provided the best dynamic range, power and control for all of my kazoos. Something that I have never found in a commercial resonator membranes made in China. After testing a bunch of different materials I selected a combination that I am totally pleased with. It took a lot of experimenting with different materials to discover the best combination for my wooden folk kazoos. With my Performer Resonator Membranes in an Aswego Kazoo you got it all! A beautiful dynamic range, lots of power and great control when you really put the power to it! It is also important that my resonator membranes are durable. Nothing worse than blowing out a membrane in the middle of a performance. My resonator membranes deliver a perfect combination of strength and sound! Casual home kazooist may never need to replace the original membrane and performing musicians more often. I change mine once or twice a year or when needed.

Each of my kazoos come with a package of spare Resonator Membranes.

The Doc Kazoo Performers Resonator Membrane was designed and and made by Doc Kazoo. Patent Pending 2010.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

For decades I have always loved the traditional design for my resonator membranes. They had the power and control through a full range. I could never find in a commercial resonator membrane that had both. It was either one or the other. So I decided to do what I normally do and make my own.

After dozens of failed ideas I finally discovered the mojo combination that works perfect in my kazoos. I have been installing them in all my kazoos for years now with 100% happy kazooist both in the home and on stage.

Materials Used

Paper and Plastic Material

More Info

I specialize in custom handmade wooden folk kazoos for performing musicians around the world. Special Order Kazoos are the foundation of my kazoo sales. I attempt to keep a nice selection of premade kazoos ready for immediate shipment however Special Custom Kazoos are my most popular instruments.

Stock photographs are used in my Special Order Kazoo Listings and are also used as my reference for making these kazoos. Being handmade each kazoo is unique. No two kazoos are ever exactly identical. I do not make cookie cutter kazoos. Each Aswego Kazoo is a one of a kind primitive style folk instrument. This is what makes each an original Aswego Kazoo.

As with each Special Order Kazoo you are invited to visit the workshop via video to watch your actual kazoo being custom made. This usually consist of 2-3 videos posted on the Kazoo Factory YouTube Channel. You will be emailed a link to view as your videos are posted. Only the Final Update Video will be made public. All other videos are private and only for your viewing or whoever you wish to send the special link to. You can visit the YouTube Channel at:

I am an independent folk artist/instrument maker. Kazoo making is my passion, not my job. I sell my kazoos in order to be able to continue making kazoos and not for great profit. My goal is to have my kazoos in every country on planet Earth where they are enjoyed and appreciated by people of all nations. I attempt to keep a nice selection of premade kazoos ready for immediate shipment however Special Custom Kazoos are the most popular instruments. From time to time I make a variety of other traditional Carolina style folk instruments.

In the case of multiple special order kazoos please email me for accurate handling time for shipping. Single order kazoos are shipped no later than one week after placing your order. I always ship on time, never ship late and most of the time ship early.


Each Aswego Kazoo is accompanied by a package of spare resonator membranes and a Lifetime Free Repair and Maintenance Warranty. Full information is available at:

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Paper and Plastic

Size: Medium

Pattern: Natural

Color: Grey

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