Organic Keyboard ergonomic Wrist Rest Support Pillow set Lavender Pink

Product Description
This is the only one set on ArtFire that is made from both Organic herbs and Organic Cotton AND has removable washable covers!
Wonderful gift for the special lady!
This lovely set is created to help you relax and your hands be happier while working on the computer.
Supporting pads are generously filled with Organic Flax seeds and Organic herbs such as Lavender, Chamomile or Peppermint (of your choice). Even the fabric tag and thread are organic!
This listing is for Lavender type to help you relive stress and delight your senses.
For additional relief the herbal pads can be heated in a microwave for 30-45 seconds for almost an hour of warmth or chilled in a freezer for 20 minutes to help ease the headache, bruises and sinuses. Even the carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis sufferers can benefit from using it. Good for aromatherapy enjoyment and general everyday relaxation.

Herb choices (all Certified Organic of course):
Lavender (default if you will not specify)
Mixed with your choices

The Keyboard Wrist Support measures approximately 16" x 3".
The Mouse Wrist Rest size is around 4.5" x 3".

The set consist of 2 organic cotton pads filled with organic herbs - for keyboard and mouse and the organic cotton removable covers that can washed anytime you wish. The keyboard is not included! :)

If you prefer the set without removable cover, here it is, for US $5.00 less :)

The outer fabric Pink Fields of Honey is chosen from a designer Harmony Susalla collection and it is high quality satin Organic cotton that woven and printed according to Global Organic Textile Standards which is important for environmental concerns. Harmony Susalla, the designer, was inspired by the "fields that bloom in the spring on the bluffs above the ocean along the northern California coast. This print is dedicated to Honey, a dog who loved to hike these bluffs."
There are few more fabric choices for this set and all are organic cotton. If you like one of these, just let us know.
Please, check our other wrist supports:

The sizes can be customized if you have a smaller keyboard, just let me know at the checkout.
If you prefer unscented set - please, let me know and I will be happy to make one for you without herbs.
Peppermint, Chamomile or all three herbs including Lavender can be added per special request.

Your set will be nicely packaged in 100% biodegradable cellulose bag tied with eco paper ribbon.

Wonderful eco-friendly gift choice for eco-conscious person!

~~~~~~~ Reviews from the customers:

"They smell amazing! I can't wait to use them at work - what a treat. I really appreciate the care and thought of the packaging - ecofriendly. Thank you."

"Very comfortable wrist support!! They could be a little thicker for someone with arthritis. LOVE the washable covers!!!!"

"So amazing! This makes my entire little office smell so lovely, not to mention the fact that it makes it a little prettier too..."

"Wonderful and exciting service. Smells great and fits awesome on a desk and supports everything that needs to be.
Thank you so much for being super informative and eager to answer questions.
All shipping, recyclable gift wrapping, and included samples were delightful and wonderfully done. It made a wonderful gift"

"shipped quickly - nice eco friendly pkg - smells heavenly!"

"Love this, can't stay away from my lap top now. Smells divine, very uplifting. Thank you so much. Darlene."

"I love this set! It really helps making typing more comfortable and the aroma is lovely. The pieces are beautifully made. I will be purchasing more as gifts for my desk-bound friends. Anastasia."

"When I opened my parcel, I didn't even care what was inside of it... it was so wonderful to find out that not only are the packing peanuts used biodegradable, but so is the TAPE, and every other bit of packaging that went into this extremely earth-conscious shipment.
As soon as I opened up my wrist rest support, I was just as excited. It SMELLS so good, and feels so good (I can't wait to try it as a hot pack!), and looks so very cute (plus, I love that the cover is removable to wash).
Thank you for all of this, plus your extremely fast shipping. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer.
Thank you! :) Amanda."

"Love, love, love. My wrists are resting on it right now, I just received it and it feels wonderful! I asked for a special size and two different fabrics for the wrist rest and mouse rest (I don't use a mouse so I will use it for other things), and the size is perfect and the fabrics are lovely, so soft and great quality. They smell amazing! Lavender is my favorite and it smells so good. Love the sweet and eco-friendly packaging, and the use of banana paper for the label and receipt. And they even included a little thank you sample! Kajal's"

"Like everyone else I am super impressed with everything being organic, even the wrappings. My work experience is more relaxing as every so often I get a whiff of lavender and that makes the office a better place to be. Thanks! I will be recommending this product like crazy! Lori."

"Nice product as presented on the shop, and beautiful packaging : I had the impression I received a gift! Anoukk."

"Looks beautiful, smells amazing. I'm exciting to bring it to work. Thank you for prioritizing eco-friendly packaging! And the thoughtfulness, attention to all the details is very appreciated. Michelle."

"Fabulous. Just fabulous. My wrist rest is so comfortable, smells great, and I love knowing I can take the cover off and wash it if I need to. It brightens my work day to have it on my desk! Erin."


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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
buying 100% Natural - you support your health;
buying Organic - you support our soil;
buying Eco-friendly - you support our environment;
buying from Herbolution - you support all of the above at once.

Buy consciously. Live happy.
Materials Used
certified organic lavender or peppermint or chamomile, organic flax seeds, organic cotton, organic thread, organic tag, time and love
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Color: Black

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