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Faith, Hope, Love Necklace

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Faith, Hope and Love...a simple sign of obedience. It is one of my most favored Scriptures, so I decided one evening to create this piece. The Copper pendant features ( if you look closely ) a combination of all three symbols. Faith (Cross), Hope (Anchor) and Love (Heart). It hangs from a shiny Copper beaded chain. It is a very intricate piece but it was well worth the effort and the outcome. I hope that you will enjoy this creation and my work in general. All materials made in Copper wire...

The pendant measures... 1 1/2"W by 1 5/8"L

The necklace measures... 18"

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

There are three things that will endure...
Faith, Hope & Love...
and the Greatest of these... is Love

I Corinthians 13:13

Materials Used

copper wire, copper beads, copper beaded chain, heart, anchor, cross

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Color: Black


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When you receive my copper jewelry, the piece has been initially treated with a protective coating to provide you with the easiest care possible. With extended wear, however, the coating will eventually wear off (especially on surfaces that are in direct contact with the skin). Once this occurs, it is surprisingly easy to take care of your copper jewelry. If you can remember these tricks, you are sure to enjoy your jewelry...

- Always remove copper jewelry BEFORE getting into any water. This includes swimming, washing hands and dishes and bathing.

- Always remove copper jewelry BEFORE going to sleep. The metal is soft and may bend as you turn during the night.

- Always remove copper jewelry BEFORE applying lotion or oil. The lubricants will coat the metal and cause it to tarnish and darken quicker.

- Always store copper jewelry away from heat sources and sunlight.

- Put jewelry on AFTER using cosmetics, hair spray or perfumes to avoid contact with substances and chemicals that may cause damage.

- Keep your copper jewelry in a cool dry place. Over time copper will tarnish as it is exposed to air. The oxidation creates a green patina. To avoid this patina, jewelry owners should attempt to store their jewelry in a sealed re-closable plastic bag with anti-tarnish paper. You should be able to find this paper through your local jeweler. If not, you can buy anti-tarnish paper online.


- To clean copper jewelry, you can use commercial cleaners, Worcestershire sauce, Ketchup, or water with Lemon juice and salt. Place the item in a glass or plastic container (not metal). I have also tried grapefruit juice and has received good results. White Vinegar will also work, although I find lemon juice to be the best. An easy way to remove tarnish which does not damage stones is to clean with white vinegar instead. Take an old soft toothbrush and dip it in vinegar and lightly brush surface of the copper.

- Commercial cleaners use chemicals to remove any tarnish or patina on your jewelry. Generally these cleaners are mild acids that will react with the oxidized metals to remove the tarnish.

- A solution of water, lemon, and salt may also clean your copper jewelry. This solution will combine both a mild natural acid and an abrasive (salt) to clean your jewelry. This solution should not be used with soft gemstones such as pearls or fluorite.

- You can also clean your copper jewelry with soap or ultrasonic cleaning methods. However, tarnish will not be removed using either of these methods. By following these simple methods previously mentioned, you should be able to maintain a beautiful rosy color to your copper jewelry. Don't attempt to clean the piece yourself, especially if set with a gemstone(s). Gems are easily damaged by ultrasonic cleaners, so you could end up with a worthless gemstone by trying to save a few bucks by doing things yourself. When in doubt, take your jewelry to a professional.

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