Honeysuckle Aroma Bead Sachets Set of 2 GREAT IN THE CAR Air Freshen

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This lovely, sweet smelling floral is very delicate and a great spring-time and summer-time scent.

These beads are really amazing! They can really absorb fragrance oils! These are great to place in cars, closets, drawers, cupboards, windows, laundry rooms, any place that needs a little freshening up.

These would be great for wedding receptions favors, graduations, baby showers. Occasionally the beads need to be shaken to refresh and release the scent. Heat and air circulation are what make the scent throw into the air. I have mine placed near my heater vent in my car, and it works wonderfully.

Do place your sachet in a pretty dish or hang up as the oils can stain surfaces. Do not use these in a tart warmer or potpourri burner as the beads can melt.

You get two aroma bead sachets neatly packaged in organza bags for convenience. Each sachet will have one full ounce of aroma beads.

*Please keep out of reach of children and pets.*
Materials Used
aroma beads, organza bags, scent, fragrance, dye
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