Wall Mounted NC Mountain Laurel Tree with Wood Photo Frames

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This small wall mount sconce-type natural NC Mountain Laurel Tree is what we call an "any occasion tree". It is approximately 26" high including the 6" base, with branches extending approximately 18" wide. It includes a touch of live moss and is wrapped at the base with natural jute.

This versatile tree can be utilized in many ways; displayed as a "family tree" with hanging wooden photo frames as shown (sold separately), lit with votives and tea lights or with floating flowers or underwater LED lights, decorated for a party or theme, made into a wish tree or just as a beautiful accent.

Individuals can also use it as a jewelry display tree and Retailers can use them to hang jewelry, ornaments, or any product that demands attention.

It also makes a great gift!

This tree comes with 8 Hanging Round Wooden Photo Frames unless otherwise requested. If you do not want the frames we will take US $24.00 off the price and sell the tree for US $61.00.

The base is sanded smooth and finished with a Cabernet colored stain topped with several coats of an exterior grade satin polyurethane.


The natural wood branches showcased in our sculptures are from the North Carolina Mountain-laurel (Kalmia latifolia). Native to the mountainous forest regions of the eastern US, this hardy, flowering evergreen shrub from the blueberry family can grow to over 30 feet high with limbs becoming "as big around as a man's thigh". The slow growing nature of this hardy plant creates a very dense wood, which after cutting allows even small branches in a protected environment to last for decades without weakening or losing their bark.

Coming from what is a local renewable resource here in Sapphire Valley, NC, the branches we use are carefully harvested so as not to destroy the plant itself, the process in fact helping to induce additional growth.

Each piece is a handcrafted, one of a kind original, created in an attempt to only enhance the beauty of an already natural work of art.

Whether you choose to display your sculpture with the tree bare, or all decked out for that special or favorite occasion, you'll find each well balanced piece constructed with a substantial support base, professionally finished in a variety of styles and colors and capable of holding quite a bit amidst its tough twisted branches.

Please Note: These trees are made of wood! Be careful when placing lit candles or votives on the branches along with other decorations, as a risk of fire exists! Only use small tea lights or LED lights, nothing larger. Never leave them unattended! Do not move tree after lighting as the hot wax can damage or break the votive.

Materials Used

Natural Mountain Laurel, spruce and pine wood, live moss, commercial grade hot glue, exterior grade screws, jute, Minwax stain, exterior grade spar polyurethane

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