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A rainbow of blooms, from orange and apricot zinnias to yellow marigolds and the red and pink roses, is a feast for the eyes and mind in this cheerful 5x7 county fair art photo. From the bright, sun-yellow marigolds at the far left edge of the frame to the delicate-looking roses with soft pink-tipped petals on the right side of the photo, it's an abundance of nature's beauty brought to the county fair, each gardener hoping to take home a ribbon for their carefully-raised flower.

There are orange and yellow marigolds and zinnias; pretty, star-shaped white blooms with purple edges; fuchsia pink zinnias shaped almost like cotton balls near the bottom of the photo; zinnias in a rich blood red; pink petunias, even what appear to be purple-and-white ruffly carnations. As I wandered about the Ohio County Fair in Wheeling, West Virginia, walking into a tent full of cut flowers was quite a treat for the eyes!

Almost as interesting as the homegrown flowers in the photograph, though, are the containers in which they are displayed. Some have been carefully tucked into pretty vases of turquoise, red, and green; a few of the blooms appear to be in milk glass, but best of all are the ones we can see sharing their beauty from simple tin cans. The labels have been carefully removed so as not to distract, but seeing these garden favourites displayed so humbly and honestly is charming indeed!

Though quite a few of the blossoms in this 5x7 county fair art photo have won a ribbon, I think we can agree that the satin rosettes don't compare to the loveliness of the bloom they honour.

Professionally printed on archival-quality 5x7 lustre photograph paper, this Americana photo has a slender white border for easy framing and to protect the image itself. I sign, date, and number each photo on back prior to mailing it.

Please take a look at my shop policies for more information about Liberty Images and my photography. If you've any questions about my work or would like this image in a different size, please don't hesitate to contact me: you may do so using the blue "contact seller" button at the bottom of this page.

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

County fairs are fun enough with all of the critters, farm machinery, and delicious treats to try out. But to walk into a tent and see row after row of pretty, homegrown flowers like the zinnias, roses, and other flora in this photograph is not only fun (especially for a gardener and flower-lover), but oddly reassuring. Sometimes things can look very, very bad--but even so, plenty of us continue to show faith in the future by sowing and growing flowers like these. Not only do they cheer the gardener, but passers-by and visitors who are able to drink in the joy and beauty the blooms offer...even when they're on the kitchen table in a good, old-fashioned tin can.

Materials Used

Canon camera, lustre photo paper, archival quality photo paper

More Info

Don't forget to click the binoculars on each image to get a closer look at the photograph, including the detail images! You receive the highest resolution image of the photograph (which is not watermarked) so you will have a glorious, vibrant image to grace your home, your office, or as a gift for a friend.

I ask that you see my policies page for detailed information about shipping, particularly as this applies to international orders. Do remember that the buyer is responsible for VAT taxes, duties, customs and imports fees.

All images and other content Copyright 1995 - 2016 Liberty Images photography.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Lustre photo paper

Size: 5x7

Color: Orange

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