whimsical fairytale blue house 5x7 cottage art photo, No Escape

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With its slightly crooked chimney, blue door, wavy gingerbreading, turquoise roof, and lapped cedar shingles, the little house in this 5x7 art photo is as whimsical and charming as can be! The rippling cobalt-coloured trim flares out from either side of the petite cottage (cottage-ette?) like blue wings--and, frankly, lending the little building more of a shape than it really has; until reaching those wings, the house's walls rise straight up, culiminating in a pointedly peaked roof. The pocket-sized house in this photo is one of many curious--and colourful--angles. What fun the architect must have had! The cottage looks as if it has been plucked fro a fairy tale, doesn't it?

The tiny cottage's sharply peaked roof must be metal; it could be copper, but since the aqua-Jadeite seems to be chipping and flaking off, there's a chance it was simply painted that lovely soft green. A metal cap of the same sage greenish-metal brings the two blue legs of the "A"-shaped roof together, its straightness foiled by the waving cobalt gingerbread trim and odd little blossom of a ball at its peak. The aqua roof and blue trim contrast prettily with the cedar shake shingles, which have mellowed into a rich chocolate colour.

The bold blue gingerbread trim cheerfully undulates along the home's roof, which is almost--but not quite--mimicked by the smaller roof offering shelter above the wooden steps and lapis lazuli-coloured door. One might suggest that the curving trim was meant to mimic the ripples of the water surrounding the cottage I've photographed, and considering the blue and aqua colours, this seems a definite possibility.

Just one thing deviates from the blue-and-chocolate lapped shingle colour scheme: The whimsical cottage's chimney towers up from the tiny island in a blaze of orange brick, contrasting prettily with the pale blue early evening sky behind it and tiny spring leaves lending it a sheer skirt at its base. Though it isn't crooked, the chimney certainly has the appearance of being so at first glance due to the way the bricks were added toward its top--not as neatly stacked, but with the appearance of having been done by a well-meaning amateur.

A wooden drawbridge will take you over the water up to the bright blue steps-but the drawbridge can be pulled up, too, and only from the shore, leaving the resident stuck in this fanciful cottage on a tiny pond island, which could be the case even as we look at the photo--for the drawbridge is up, and there's nothing but air and water between the miniscule, marshy island and land itself. Nestled amongst the shrubbery and trees, the fanciful little home is both inviting and charming, though I can't help but wonder about the son-in-law who built it. Once you're in this delightful elfin cottage, you may be here for some time, so it's best to be sure you're willing to enjoy your stay before crossing the drawbridge!

Professionally printed on archival-quality 5x7 photograph paper, this charming photo from Route 66 has a white border for easy framing and to protect the image itself. I sign, date, and number each photo on back prior to mailing it.

For more of my art photography, including more photos from Route 66, please click on my icon at the top of the page or use the search function tucked into the right-hand corner of my shop's banner. Other sizes of "No Escape" are available-just send a note using the "contact artisan" link beneath my icon or at the bottom of this page.

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This blue, aqua, and chocolate-brown architectural confection is a rather special house...it's a mother-in-law house. No joke. Notice the drawbridge and moat? Well, pond, really, but there's no way off this miniature island other than the drawbridge or swimming. Discovered a little ways off Route 66 in Missouri, I couldn't resist shooting it! Not that this means anything about anyone in my family. No, really.

Materials Used

digital, Canon, camera, Kodak Endura Professional photo paper

More Info

Don't forget to click the binoculars on each image to get a closer look at the photograph, including the detail images! You receive the highest resolution image of the photograph (which is not watermarked) so you will have a glorious, vibrant image to grace your home, your office, or as a gift for a friend.

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All images and other content Copyright 1995 - 2016 Liberty Images photography.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Kodak Endura Professional Paper

Size: 5x7

Color: Blue

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