Upcycled Apples for Teacher

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Well, I had these tins, the shape and size of an apple. They had hideous drawings on them, and I have resusitated these three. I chose to make this one a delicious apple, as, not all apples are red.

I used tissue paper and glue, applied with a paint brush, at least 3 coats and more in places. They have also been varnished for that "coated with food" shine. For visual interest, I tried to show those other colors that yellow apples sometimes have.

There is a glittery pipecleaner serving as the stem, and there is a pretty poseable leaf.

This is meant to be useful as well as traditional and pretty. It can be used for teacher's paper clip collection, or to hold partial pieces of chalk, thumbtacks, all of the tiny hardware that goes in with being a teacher.
Materials Used
tin, tissue paper, glue, pipe cleaner
More Info
This comes in a cellulose envelope, signed with my chop, stamped for identification, and with the title handwritten on the back. Sent in a paper envelope with a cardboard protector.
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