Sassy Kaffe Fasset Hott Frog

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Wow !!! Try to say THAT fast three times !! "cmon,,,, with me,,, "Sassy Kaffe Fasset, Sassy Kaffe Fasset.... sorry... had to go there. well, anyways:::

Hott frogs just got HOTTER !!! They always have been the coolest thing to get heat on any place your body hurts.

They are stuffed with lavender and grains that you heat up in the microwave... for 2 minutes... smell good and oooo ah the pain relief is very very real. No mess with water and they even look funny and goofy to have around.

Now I have made them in Kaffe Fasset quilting prints, and they have never looked better !!! The tummy is likewise made with matching Kaffe Fasset fabric, that has been quilted to protect you from possible over heating and for softness.

NB::: these are not only great for joint pain and sports injuries, they give great comfort to women who have monthly crampings....
Materials Used
fabric, thread, lavender, grains, glue, felt, wiggle eyes
More Info
This comes in a cellulose envelope, signed with my chop, stamped for identification, and with the title handwritten on the back. Sent in a paper envelope with a cardboard protector.
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