Strontium Titanate Cubic Zirconia Diamond Engagement Ring, Synthetic

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Russia Strontium Titanate Cubic Zirconia Diamond Engagement Ring presents strontium titanate solitaire diamond, princess cubic zirconia 5.40 carat synthetic yellow diamond engagement ring. Quality Russia strontium titanate synthetic yellow diamond engagement ring exhibits real diamond jewelry colors of yellow, aqua, gold and blue. Russia strontium titanate diamond engagement ring designed of 10K white gold and .925 sterling silver brings out the brilliance and sparkle of high quality strontium titanate gemstone and cubic zirconia synthetic diamonds.

Russia strontium titanate cubic zirconia diamond engagement ring exhibits 4.20ct diamond cut 8mm strontium titanate yellow solitaire gem stone center; highlighted by six 2-3mm 1.20ct princess cubic zirconia synthetic diamonds. Three CZ's set on each side of center stone bringing out the yellow synthetic diamond luster of strontium titanate. Gemstone's display high quality diamond-like dispersion and play of color in size 7 engagement ring. Strontium titanate center gemstone is set in a fine 10K white gold shank as .925 sterling silver band with rhodium for anti-tarnish effect puts the finishing touch, 2.8 grams gross weight.

Strontium titanate cubic zirconia yellow diamond engagement wedding ring band showed no scratches, nicks, cracks, visible blemishes or inclusions using a 30X triplet loupe; eye clean synthetic gems in a quality engagement ring. Cubic zirconia showed AAA+ quality (CZ is based by A's going up to five A's as highest quality which is very rare). Strontium titanate based on a diamond scale show color/clarity of H-I/VS 1-2. A very high quality engagement ring with beautiful rainbow color's.

Strontium titanate synthetic diamond simulates the appearance of genuine real diamond dispersion of fire, brilliance, and lots of rainbow sparkle and shine. It is one of the most costly synthetic man-made diamonds and due to its rarity collectors may pay a premium. Dispersion of Cubic zirconia is significantly higher than diamond producing color and fire that no diamond can produce; but strontium titanate is the kind of fire with ten times the dispersion of diamond.

Russia Strontium Titanate and Cubic Zirconia have a dispersive power that's greater than seen in a genuine diamond and reflect light more than diamonds so they sparkle more brilliantly. Cubic Zirconia is the closet gemstone to a diamond. Man-made and synthetic gemstone's have a higher brilliance than found in a real diamond for being created in a laboratory. This sparkle is what makes cubic zirconia jewelry so attractive as well as synthetic man-made diamonds.

Too give you a idea of the magical beauty Strontium titanate and cubic zirconia creates, displayed this lovely engagement ring. I had a difficult time capturing the true beauty, sparkle, brilliance and detail's achieved after completion. You will truly appreciate this high quality engagement ring when seen in person. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Keeping your jewelry forever beautiful only requires periodic cleaning and a little precaution. In general, all you need to clean most gemstone jewelry is soak in warm soapy water for about 20 minutes, then very gently brush it and rinse thoroughly. Be careful not to scratch the metal of your setting.With proper care and handling this gemstone ring should last you a lifetime!

Avoid wearing your finest jewelry during strenuous activity and store gemstones separate from other pieces. Some gemstones are harder than others and could scratch a softer stone.

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Capture the magical beauty and sparkle of synthetic diamonds.

Materials Used

Russia Strontium Titanate Gemstone, Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic Yellow Diamond, Engagement, Ring, Wedding Ring, 10K, White Gold, .925 Sterling Silver, White Rhodium

More Info

Ready for a everlasting engagement presentation! Its ready to ship and arrives in a elegant jewelry ring gift box.

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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Russia Strontium Titanate, Cubic Zirconia, Sythetic Diamond, Engagement, Ring, 10kt, White Gold, .925 Sterling Silver

Size: 7

Pattern: Strontium Titanate Cubic Zirconia Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Color: Yellow

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