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Are you looking for smaller elf ears or perhaps have a half-elf costume? (I can't be the only one who dresses as a half-elf, right?) These custom reusable ears are perfect for anyone who can't wear the latex kind or doesn't want to have to deal with glues.

I just need to know two things for the ears:
-What color you'd like the ears to be (I can do light, medium, or darker skin tones, as well as any color if you wanted fantasy ears).
-What color you'd like the headband to be (I have yarn in pretty much every color of the rainbow)

These ears are a cross between the halfling and elf ears in my shop- they're pointier than the halfling ones, but they're not as large as the elf ones. This makes these perfect for a half-elf costume or someone looking for elf ears that aren't quite as large.

The photos used are a previously sold pair; these will be made in whatever color you'd like.

The ears themselves will be crocheted in acrylic yarn with pipecleaners or wire crocheted around the outside of them to make the ears stiff and give them the ability to be shaped differently (just bend them gently to adjust them). The ears are sewn onto a crocheted acrylic headband that ties in the back, making it easy to get on and off your head.

To wash these, I'd recommend handwashing gently in warm water, being careful with the ears so the pipecleaners/wire won't poke out.


After you purchase, please send an email to merigreenleaf@gmail.com or a message via Artfire with your preferences in colors.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
I came up with the design for these crocheted ears because I'm trying to find alternatives to latex ears that you glue on. I figure other people who can't use the glue-on latex ones would like other alternatives, too. :)
Materials Used
acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners
More Info
***My costume ears are not intended or sized for children under the age of 12! They are for teens and adults only.***

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