Element of Fire - Red, Orange and Yellow Chainmaille Slave Bracelet

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This fire-inspired orange, red, and gold chainmaille handflower (also called a slave bracelet) loops around the middle finger with a silver-plated chain and clasps at the wrist with a silver plated lobster clasp. There's an extra bit of silver-plated chain attached to the end so that it can fit larger wrists, as well.

The bracelet part is about 6 3/4" (17.1 cm) around from the clasp to the end of the silver and purple chainmaille part. (The extra bit of silver-plated chain on the end adds another 3/4" [1.9 cm] or so.) The chainmaille part is about 3" (7.6 cm) tall on the hand, and including the finger loop is about 5" (12.7 cm) tall (this makes this loop about 2" [5.1 cm] tall, or 4" [10.2 cm] around). The part of the chainmaille that goes around the wrist (the bracelet part) is just over 1/2" (1.3 cm) wide.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

The orange, red, and yellow-gold colors of this chainmaille handflower were inspired by the element of fire. I'll be adding water, air, and earth ones to my shop, too!

Materials Used

aluminum jump rings, silver plated chain, silver plated lobster clasp

More Info

If you need this made smaller, let me know and I can remove a few of the chainmaille links on the end. If you need it longer, I can extend the chainmaille or attach a longer chain.


Note: I apologize for the awkward angle of the photos. It's hard to get a picture of your own hand!

Product Attributes

Color: Orange

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crescent-moon-creations says:

Your item, is in a collection (Hearts on Fire) featured on ArtFire's main page!
merigreenleaf says:
Cool! Thanks for letting me know! :D
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