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Lemon Drop Face Grains Wash

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Natural-ish-is Organic lemon drop face grains - face wash. Great for oily/acne skin! Made with the highest quality ingredients of organic lemongrass and wildcrafted peppermint leaf! Lemon grass is high in VITAMIN A and is known for its anti-microbial, antiseptic benefits. The ability to

~ward off infections,
~reduce acne and
~provide a cooling astringent action, make this face grains A MUST for oily/acne prone skin. The peppermint leaf works together to reduce pores and tighten the skin. SMELLS GREAT AND TINGLES TOO!!!

Natural-ish-is Face Grains are a combination of ground herbs, flowers, powders, spices, different types of soothing grains. i.e oats, wheat germ, flax
etc. We created these grains in an effort to make a face wash that has the least amount of toxic preservatives, no water content
(water invites mold, bacteria and fungus which is why harsh preservatives are used in most commercial face washes) and can provide your face with a nutritious
meal. Our Facial Grains not only clean, and heal your face, but also feed your skin with vitamins and nutrients that can only be found in food. We lovingly, handcraft our face grains in small batches to ensure excellent quality and an intimate buying experience from REAL PEOPLE, not factory conveyor belts. To us, you are not just buyer #10231 but real people with real needs who deserve REAL, Foodie loving products.


Some people may find OUR facial cleansing Grains unusual to use. It does require a bit of adjustment if you have never tried powdered cleansers or cleansing grains before. But these adjustments are usually easy to get accustomed to and are well worth extra effort - your skin will never feel dry & itchy and you will not have to smear preservatives and detergents all over your face.

These skin loving FOOD FILLING, facial cleansers will not make your face feel desperately tight and dehydrated ever again, because plants & foodie materials do not strip your skin off its natural oils.
It cleans and clarifies pores, removing dirt, makeup and oils better than a conventional face wash - only without drying and damaging your skin. Your skin will definitely benefit from this no soap mild, nourishing cleanser which can (and should) be used daily!

This truly wonderful, natural formula cares for all skin types! We have formulated different grains for the different types of skin types. YOUR FACE WILL THANK YOU, WHEN YOU CLEAN IT WITH OUR FOODIE, FACE GRAINS.

Ingredients: Kaolin clay, wheat germ, oats,arrowroot powder, organic lemongrass, wild crafted peppermint, turmeric, essential oils of lemongrass, organic peppermint, sea salt

Lead time is 5-7 days. We make small batches to ensure the utmost freshness

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Organic lemongrass, glass, lid, organic peppermint

Size: VOLUME: 1.5 oz jar

Color: Grey

What people are saying about this product…

Guest Shopper says:
This is my daily cleanser. It has helped calm down my acne and redness.
Guest Shopper says:
Face grains are the best!!! The cleanse without drying the skin, and help reduce blemishes!!! I have used Lavender and Lemon!!! Just ordered more the other day.
Guest Shopper says:
I absolutely luv this product! It helped control my acne that I have dealt w all my life! Thank u for all ur hard work in developing such great products!
Guest Shopper says:
I am actually a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, and have been a loyal Mary Kay user for YEARS! When I became pregnant this past year my Mary Kay started breaking me out all of a sudden so I needed to find something that wouldn't break out my skin. I decided to try Naturalishis! I have to say, I was VERY skeptical but the proof was in the pudding, so to speak, after just ONE USE! After the first use I noticed an immediate change in using the 3 step skin care set...and when I came downstairs, I didn't even say anything to my husband and he noticed a big change and asked if I had used my new stuff (what man notices something like that, and so quickly)! I am now a convert! I will not be returning to my Mary Kay skin care as I love Naturalishis WAY MORE, and it makes my face even more soft and smooth, and noticeably different with each use (as my sister agrees, who is also a skeptic, and oh so much more picky than I am, and I recently let her try mine). You HAVE to try it!!!
Guest Shopper says:
The lemon grains are amazing!!!! Will be buying more Thank you!
Guest Shopper says:
I just love you guys.. all this stuff looks soooo amazing.. If I wasn't a broke stay at home mom of two, and mommy to everyone else.. I would buy everything.. keep up the wonderful work.. People rely way too much on chemically based items. Mother earth can give us just about every answer to our problems.
Guest Shopper says:
Naturalishis products continue to amaze me. I suffer from what I would call pretty bad adult acne. I started using the lemon drop face grains about 3 months ago. My face is clearer with less breakouts than it has been using many products including proactive. I just purchased the cinna clove to alternate with the lemon drop and used it for the first time word...amazing!!! In just one use my face isn't as dull and looks more healthy. I am a Naturalishis user for life!! Jessica Tipton
Guest Shopper says:
4 days of using the lemon drop face grains and I see a difference in my skin!! Can't wait for my other order!!!
Thank you for a great product!! Jessica
Guest Shopper says:
I bought this product as a last resort because I was beginning to get a lot of acne at age 30! After just a week and a half the difference was very noticeable. I wasn't sure how my skin would do - making it worse, drying it out, etc. It worked beyond my expectations! I would recommend this product to anyone who is having an issue with acne or redness in their skin! Love it!
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