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Ombre Hair Extensions//Black Hair with Vibrant Pink Purple and Blue

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Commitment Phoebe?

Inspired to think outside the box with your hair

Ombre with vibrant Pink, Purple and Blue. Indian Remy human hair, hand drawn and double wefted.

We use only Professional methods and materials. Our extensions are AAA quality and color used is Professional with extreme stay power.

Ombre, Dip Dye Black Human Hair Extensions with a beautiful Vibrant Violet, Pink and Blue Fade.

Human Hair//Can be curled, flat ironed or worn straight

The root area is 1b black. If you would like only the Vibrant Violet, Pink and Blue please specify.

More Info

This listing:
Six (6) Pieces
22 L
2 W

Double Wefted for added thickness!

Photo taken in natural lighting without any filters.

Rock this look without having to commit to coloring your own hair. Simply clip in and out!

*****Our clip ins are made by hand and quality and density is controlled by US. These are not pre-bought sets.


Create your own and lets create together!

Looking for an Ombre or DipDye/Highlight or Low Light with a little more commitment than clip in hair extensions?

We have created our very own system of hair extensions called Mini Panels. They are hand made, amazing quality, re-usable and non-damaging.

Please check out our newest video on YouTube showing you how easy they are too use!

Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

Product Attributes

Color: Red


First Item: $11.95
Additional Items: $2.00

All Other Countries
First Item: $12.95
Additional Items: $2.00

All Other Countries
First Item: $12.95
Additional Items: $2.00

United States
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*Custom Orders typically take 7-10 business days. Can be shorter or longer. Any problems or questions please email me directly

*First come. First serve.

*Hair Extensions and Wigs are non-refundable due to hygiene/sanitation laws. If you have any issues or concerns please contact me.

*Shipping is via USPS. We always ship 2-3 Day.

*Special event please specify. I have a FedEx business account and can ship it as fast as you need. YES this includes overnight. This doesn't mean your order is priority it means that once the order is complete it is avail. for expedited shipping.

International orders are loved and appreciated! However you are in charge of your own country taxes.

Questions & Answers

Q: What lengths does your hair come in?
A: 18", 20", 22" & 24" = Clip in sets
1.5" - 2" Pieces and Weft Hair

10", 12", 14", 16" & 18" = I-Tip, U-Tip and Tape Hair.

Q: Do you sell weft hair for sow-in's and weaves?
A: YES! This listing is sold in sets of 100 grams. We can custom Ombre, Dip Dye, Tie Dye Wefts. We also have Virgin Human Hair Wefts in stock.

The type of hair for wefts is Remy Indian. We do not work with hair that is non-remy or sold by the "bag".

Q: Can I get longer or shorter hair extensions?
A: YES! We love custom orders. Please understand that the longer the hair, the more the listing will be. We can source up to 30" of hair from all over the world.

Q: Can I just order a cheap piece of weft hair-like 6" with 4 clips?
A: We create and design our sets and take it very seriously that the ends are full and the density is there. They are NOT pre-made or bought from a beauty supply shop.

Our sets are made by hand. Adding another "item" to our store will only take away from the overall goal. We don't use words like "cheap" because our hair is everything but....

Q: Do you use Manic Panic, Hot Topic or Directions Colors?
A: The answer is a big NO. Unless you specify that you want us to use "cheap" color that has zero stay power....

Q: Where do you buy your color and what techniques do you use?
A: Don't take it personal. But we don't share our tricks of the trade. We spend more time than we are willing to admit on formulating colors using ammonia free professional application techniques. We have FUN doing it.

We are artists and although buying pre-mixed color - would be easier....we choose to use our creative minds and formulate just for you!

Our goal is always to fortify the hair so that it is and stays in great shape.

Q: What is Remy/Remi?
A: The hooked on phonics version: "the cuticle is going in the same direction". Also means that the way the hair was cut off the donor is the same way it is sown onto the weft.

In layman's terms, it's good quality! 90% of hair sold in beauty supply stores is NOT remy.

Q: So, you only use Remy?
A: YES! We wouldn't sell you something we don't wear ourselves.

Q: Why are your prices different?
A: We price based on the amount of color, length, density and time it takes to produce.

You would be surprised @ how long it takes to make one set of Peacock hair extensions. Seriously! Or the Brunette Wheat fade...both those sets take over 3 days to make. Being that we don't use Ammonia we have to penetrate the hair and fortify it while depositing color that lasts! Oil delivery is time consuming but in the end your hair extensions will feel amazing. We definitely go the extra mile for you!

Q: Where does the hair come from?

A: It isn't required but if you think you will be wearing our hair for more than one year then we suggest sourcing Virgin hair. The price difference is typically double depending on length and color.

Q: OK, so, how do I wash my extensions?
A: I don't suggest washing them like you would your own hair. Most only wash them once or twice per month. Use only cold water. Color Treated/Dry Shampoo ONLY. Brush FIRST before you wash. Leave a Color Treated Dry/Conditioner on the hair extensions for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Air dry on a towel overnight.

Q: I want straight hair and your listings all say wavy. What gives?
A: We don't work with Chinese hair. I could give you a long list of reasons for this but simply put, Caucasian hair is not like Chinese hair. It lacks body and volume. That said, we only work with high grade Indian and European. All good hair dries with a natural wave. Straight hair, if advertised as Indian or European, has been chemically altered. Which means, the hair will only look and feel good for a few washes and then will start to feel VERY dry and damaged.

If you want straight hair, use a flat iron.

Q: Can I curl, flat iron, blow dry?

Q: Can I color this hair?
A: I don't suggest it but you can. Being that there isn't any natural heat from the head it can be hard to achieve even color. However, you may find that doing this by a heater or using your blow dryer will help activate the heat. I also suggest NOT using permanent color. This will open and dry out the cuticle.

Q: Can I send hair extensions to you, so you can color them?
A: We will only work with those who have purchased hair from us in the past.

Q: Can I return an order if I don't like it?
A: Hair and Hygiene .... The answer is simple and it's a no. We pride ourselves in great communication. This means that we send photos of the work along the way. You always know what you are getting before we ship.

Q: Do you make these in your kitchen?
A: Part of me actually wishes I could say yes to this question LOL> only because that means I would be at home hanging out with my Golden Retriever and boyfriend. But, NO! We are a professional company and we make these extensions in my salon.

Q: Shipping to Australia? UK? Mars?
A: We will ship to wherever - I was a gypsy in a past life so chances are your hometown is my hometown! Customs and Immigration can be a pain in the ARSE. So even though we take pride in fast turn around time, we can't control how long Customs takes to process orders. If you want to track the package and have it shipped faster, I can use my fancy Fed Ex Business Account.

Q: Shipping to the U.S.
A: USPS with tracking. This means that we ship 2-3 day air on all orders of hair extensions. Feathers, Fusion Removal Gel, Piers and kits ship ground via USPS.

Q: Tape Hair? Panel Hair? What the heck!
A: Visit our You Tube videos for tips and tricks...nothing fancy just the black and white "how to" videos.

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