Pink Mojo Powder for Witchcraft, Spellwork, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria

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Product Description
Handmade Mojo Powder, colored with food-grade dye and infused with skin-safe strawberry fragrance. Made with reverence and the intention that it may serve you well.

This product is extremely versatile. Other companies dedicate their powders to purposes; we feel that it is more appropriate for the user to choose the purpose based on his/her own color correspondences.

Pink is often used for drawing, protecting, or enhancing love, friendship, happiness, health, and marriage, but really, it's what Pink means to YOU that matters.

This powder can be sprinkled, blown, dusted, applied, or worn, and can be used for personal fragrance, sachets (both magic and to just make your socks smell nice), dressing books, papers, candles, and mojo bags, anointing things that should not have oil applied to them, blessing, hexing, cursing, wishing, praying, and many other things.

Do not eat.

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
So what's with the "alleged"? Doesn't this stuff work? What's "Random's Mojo Workshop"?

We use the word "alleged" out of respect to the tradition of commercial spiritual goods. Many of the old products were labelled "alleged" and there was even a product line named "Alleged Brand". In pictures of old spiritual products, nearly all of them bear the word "alleged". We like that tradition and decided to keep it when we drew the art for these packets.

Whether or not it works is up to the user. Some people just can't get anything to work because they don't believe in their own ability to throw mojo around. That's like saying hey, my paintbox doesn't make anything like Michelangelo. Practice, baby. It takes practice. Sachet powders are a tool just like Michelangelo's paintbrush. How you wield them is all up to you.

Random's Mojo Workshop is the line of spiritual goods put out RaNDoMLeiGH, the original owner of Once Upon A Silver Moon.
Materials Used
magic, mojo, intent, dye, fragrance, cornstarch, paper, zippie bag
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