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Apache Tears from New Mexico -- home tumbled

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Dan's been at it again... this time, gathering Apache tears from northern New Mexico. He brought them home, threw them in the tumbler, and a few weeks later out came a lovely batch of the smoky, often banded, obsidian known as Apache tears.

Some of these stones are translucent, and some are a nice deep black. They all look the same when just held in the hand. If you are particular about translucence, let me know in the comments, otherwise I will just pick whichever comes to hand first.

This listing is for FIVE Apache tears. They are each a little bigger than a penny, but a little smaller than a quarter (about an inch).

Yeh, you can get them cheaper other places, where they get pallets of obsidian (from... where?) and break it up into little chunks with a rock crusher, then throw it into a tumbler the size of a concrete mixer. Not to be snooty, but our Apache Tears are actually obsidian blobs that were ejected from the volcano 'way back in the day. Dan picked them up one at a time by hand from the desert floor, not like those big Chinese companies who scoop up the obsidian gravel from their rock yards with a front loader.

That's why ours are a little higher, but you're getting the genuine article, hand collected and tumbled in a pretty small batch, all by us. To some people it matters, and to others, not so much. If you're just after price, by all means, find the best deal you can, but if you're after a genuine Apache Tear, you can rely on ours to be the real deal.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Metaphysically, black obsidian is a grounding stone, able to neutralize negativity. In addition to these properties, Apache tears allow the user to come to terms with psychological problems, to work through them and especially to get through the grieving and growth process. Apache tears also contain residual fire energies, and are particularly good at warding off and defending against mental attacks and psychic vampirism.

Borne of a volcano, Apache tears are silicate glass that formed during a volcanic explosion. The blobs of obsidian were thrown into the air and hardened into "Apache tears" on the way down. They are found many places in the arid southwest.

Materials Used

volcano, silica, extreme heat, explosion, bad mutha nature

Product Attributes

Color: Black


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