Joy-green jade and coral sterling silver earrings

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Joy-green jade and red coral sterling silver earrings
fun, modern earrings made from green jade, red coral and sterling silver, dangling from silver stud approx 1"-are perfect for any season.
gift boxed and ready to ship
Jade Lore:
oHelps maintain balance between work and rest.
oSymbol of purity and serenity.
oIncreases love and nurturing.
oAttracts good luck and friendship.
oBrings insightful dreams.
oStimulates ideas and makes tasks seem less complex.
oGreen Jade: channels passion in constructive ways and can be used to harmonize dysfunctional relationships

Birthstone Months with Coral
Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20): Blood Coral is the birthstone
Anniversary Gemstone
Coral is considered to be the anniversary gemstone for the 35th year of marriage.
Mystical Properties
Coral is used to build an emotional foundation.

More Coral Lore
Coral is said to protect children. In many countries, coral is given as a gift to children. It has been used to protect against witchcraft.
Coral is said to cure madness and give wisdom.
Black Coral is Hawaii's US State Gemstone
Coral jewelry has been created and worn since prehistoric times -- dating back to the Iron Age.
In ancient times, Coral was considered so valuable that it was used as a method of currency and trade by the Romans and the Egyptians

Materials Used

green jade, coral, sterling silver

More Info

birthstone, jewelry, anniversary, gift boxed

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