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Improved Formula Melanie eyeshadow- dusty pink silver beige


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Improved Formula Melanie eyeshadow- dusty pink silver beige


Improved formula (12-11-12) Added a bit more mica and pigment to make this color easier to apply and more opaque. Color is the same, just improved formula! New color is featured in the first promo picture w/ black liner and Datura lip pencil. Applied with Foiled Again Mixing Medium.

Melanie eyeshadow is a beautiful unique all over the lid color. Its an unusual mix of pink, silver, and beige...close the Urban Decays Midnight Cowboy without the glitter. This color is inspired by Melanies gray ballgown with a mauve pink ribbon. Its a lovely, innocent color that is easy to wear and beautiful.

Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Ultramarine, Iron Oxide (77499, 77491, 77492), Magnesium Myristate, Tin Oxide (778161)

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This collection is inspired by the fiery sunset and the misty twilight colors in the 1939 film, Gone With the Wind. I in no way take credit for the artistry, cinematography, and wonderful acting that takes place in the movie. I cant help but be inspired by it, its a breathtaking and epic piece of art.

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Color: Pink


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Pumpkin and Poppy cosmetics is a one woman operation, created to give a wider variety of cosmetic options to those concerned with using vegan and cruelty-free products. I strive for quality over quantity, and I only sell items that I myself would use and enjoy.

*NOTE: I've changed my policies regarding blogger reviews...Please, do not contact me if you want free products to review on your blog, website, or youtube channel. I've decided its not fair to my paying customers, and I've had some people not review the items in the blogger review packs I used to offer.

My products are fairly priced and I want people to support my company because they enjoy products and like what I do, not because they want free and/or discounted items.

I will, at my discretion, decide who I wish to send items to review, mainly for feedback purposes. I hope you understand. I think reviews are more fair and honest when they come from paying customers.

Ingredient Information

As a vegan, I assure you that all ingredients I use are free of animal byproducts. I don't formulate with carmine (which is made from crushed beetle shells) or any other animal derived ingredient. I will always clearly list all of the ingredients for my products on each listing.

On each listing, I will let you know if any of the products are not safe for the eyes or lips. I adhere to FDA standards and requirements when formulating my cosmetics, so you can feel safe using my products. If you have a known allergy to any specific ingredient, make sure to look over ingredients before purchasing. I formulate my products for sensitive skin, but if you want to be safe, test out the product on the back of your arm first.

Just for clarification, my magnesium stearate is vegetable derived, not animal derived. I make sure to research all of my ingredients to insure they are vegan and come from cruelty-free suppliers.

I strive to not only have my products be free of animal by-products, but to also be free of palm oil and palm oil derivatives because of the what the production of this oil is doing to Orangutan habitats.

I do use lake-dyes to achieve my bright, non-earthy colors, so I don't consider my company to be a strictly mineral makeup company. I make vegan cosmetics and try to use the best options I can for vegans and those with sensitive skin without harming animals.

I have been getting a lot questions about the difference between the colorants used in makeup. I see companies with bright, vivid shades saying they are dye free or are a mineral makeup company. To me, this is not completely true. Unless you only use micas treated with iron oxides or oxides themselves, your ingredients are probably treated with dyes or ultramarines. Chromiums, ultramarines, and manganese are not mineral or natural ingredients, they are synthetically created pigments. Here is a link from tkb if you want to learn more about specific colorants...also, organic and veggie pigments are available, but they often make formulas unstable and harbor bacteria. So if you want to wear color cosmetics or certain shades, you have to decide what your comfort level is. I rely on the FDA for my info and make my cosmetics according to their guidelines. I cannot create bright, vivid shades without using certain ingredients nor can other formulators.

I make sure to denote what products are safe for what purpose on my listings and only intend them to be used for the purposes they are marketed for.

I do not recommend heavily breathing in mineral makeup, but that goes with any cosmetic item. I am trying to make the healthiest cosmetics items I can for my customers, free of parabens, fragrances, silicones, chemicals etc...

You can press your loose minerals yourself if you want to cut back on breathing in your makeup. has a whole section of their website dedicated to pressing loose minerals. I do not have time to sell pressed mineral cosmetics at this point in time, sorry for the inconvenience.


Pumpkin and Poppy cosmetics only accepts Paypal at this point in time. It is the most hassle free method for both parties involved, and the safest. If you have any questions about setting up a Paypal account, or are unsure where to begin, feel free to leave me a message.

If you want to reserve items for a future order, I will hold items for you for up to two weeks. After that point in time, they will be relisted.

I do accept e-checks, but it can take up to a week for the check to be approved. Once it clears, I will ship out your item.


All items are shipped through USPS, as they have the most affordable shipping costs that I've found and are reliable.

I am a one woman operation, so there will be a short turn around time from the time you place your order to the time I will be able to ship the item out. Turnaround time will be no more than 10 days from the date of purchase (not including weekends or holidays), and this is just a worst case scenario. Turnaround time does not include time via transit from my home to yours. I will be shipping items twice a week due to limited time in the day and for the efficiency of my business.

I will make sure to put my shop on vacation if I'm going to be gone or will not be filling orders.

Larger U.S. orders will be upgraded to priority flat rate shipping free of charge; if you are international, contact me for a shipping quote for larger orders.

International Shipping

I will ship internationally, but it does take more work and can be a bit of a hassle. It takes longer to process and ship international orders and is a more complicated process than shipping to somewhere in the U.S. If you're country is not listed in my shipping profiles, contact me and we can work out shipping costs that way. As long as I continue to have no major mishaps, I will continue to offer international shipping. with a few stipulations:

1. I cannot be responsible for package once it leaves in the U.S. USPS does not offer affordable tracking. Unless you are willing to pay the the full shipping fees for tracking, you as a customer are ordering at your own risk if you purchase outside of your country.

2. You are responsible for all customs fees upon delivery of your item. I will not mark your purchase as a "gift" as that is illegal and can jeopardize my integrity as a business woman.

3. UPDATE: I can add insurance to international packages, but USPS does not allow me to add insurance to first class international packages. Neither do they allow me to insure small flat rate boxes or flat rate envelopes. If you want to add insurance, it needs to be for a medium flat rate box or larger. It will cost quite a bit, so I'm just giving everyone a heads up; I can't control on the policies of USPS in regards to international shipping.

4. USPS has been taking anywhere from 1 week to a month to ship packages outside of the U.S. I have no control over how long it will take the package to arrive to your country. I always ship out all of my packages within 7-10 days (not including weekends and holidays). If you need an item by a specific date, contact me and you can upgrade your shipping to Priority or Express International.

The 7-10 day turnaround time does not include weekends, holidays or pre-orders.

Refunds and Exchanges

I strive to charge fair prices on my cosmetics and offering samples would increase my already low prices. Drugstores do not offer samples and they have a larger budget than I do as a one woman operation.

I'm sorry I'm not able to offer samples on all of my items, but I do my best to provide accurate photos and swatches in natural daylight on fair skin. Computer monitor colors may vary, but I try my best to accurately represent my items.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of cosmetic items, I cannot exchange your products for something else.

If your purchase is damaged (broken items, etc...), other, I will gladly refund you or send you a replacement item. Please contact me before leaving negative feedback or I will not send you a refund or replacement item.

If you are unsatisfied about something, let me know and I will do my best to make sure you are satisfied with your experience with Pumpkin and Poppy Cosmetics. My customers are very important to me, and without you my business would be nothing.

Additional Policies and FAQs

I work from home in a smoke free environment, but I do have 2 cats (Naomi and Tucker helped inspire me to make cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics in the first place!) I do work in a closed off, pet free office space and am very serious about sanitation with my cosmetics. I use latex-free gloves when formulating and sanitize my work space and equipment with rubbing alcohol after washing with hot water and soap.


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