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Special Rosemaling & Decorative Painting Brush Set

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If you have been looking for a fine Script Liner, look no more. Here it is as part of the 4 brush set...!

The Following 4 Brushes Are Included:

805 Script Liner #0

845 Flat Bright #2

845 Flat Bright #4

890 Mop (Camel Hair)

The professional high quality of the Joan Dahl Mixtique Brush Set was achieved by a cooperation with Loew-Cornell, the world leading brush manufacturer.

Here are some of the important specifications for these fine brushes.

The Mixture:

Hair - Triple Filament, Dyed Synthetic and natural hair.


Natural hair is mixed with taklon which results in a brush that is softer overall. If you snap the brush head it will be more pliable than a straight synthetic brush head. While the type of the synthetic fllament used is the same as LaCormeille Golden Taklon and three different diameters are used per brush head, the filament mixture (diameters) are not the same. The mixing of diameters is done more closely to duplicate the variations found in natural hair.


The ferrules are made of stainless steel which is better for the environment than nickel plated brass.


Natural hair has a cell structure so these hairs absorb water and paint. Synthetic hair does not have a cell structure - water and paint clings between the bristles. These brushes are combination of "Golden Taklon" - the same filament used in the well known LaCorneille line (with the exception of what is mentioned above), which is the industry''''''''''''''''s most popular, widely used brushes that have set the standard for excellence in synthetic brushes. Blending three thicknesses of dyed synthetic filament, the Golden Taklon brushes perform like the finest natural hair. Highly absorbent, durable, versatile, with excellent spring and fine chisel edge, they are perfect for acrylics and watercolor alike.


Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, All Media


Decorative Painting, Fine Art

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