Antique Style Victorian Renaissance Dragons Breath Fire Opal Ring

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Antique Style Victorian Edwardian Renaissance Filigree Vintage fabulous BIG unusual rare dragons breath glass fire opal "statement" ring---This one has a multitude of the most fantastic dragons breath stones, big and small! This ring, like all of my jewelry, is all handmade from my studio---these are wonderfully wearable and showcase some of my finest vintage stones and findings.....I designed and put together this beautiful and elaborate Victorian/Edwardian style ring using mostly antique components (including some utterly fabulous vintage genuine old brass findings!) and hand finished/burnished brass parts & filigree. As a long-time antique clothing and jewelry collector, I'm inspired to create antique/vintage-style jewelry that has the superb old elements and rare vintage glass stones I have gathered over the years....All of the pieces I do are individually handmade and incorporate as many of the antique elements as possible, plus durable yet authentic brass fittings that I have hand finished with that "aged" look.

I must take a moment to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who've become fans of my work...I love to know that my pieces inspire and delight others and am so appreciative of your wonderful encouragement. :-) Am also very proud to have created the jewelry for America's Got Talent finalist and extraordinary performer, Prince Poppycock, for his last four performances on NBC's AGT during August and September, 2010! Please check out my fanpage at "" on Facebook for more info....

This one of a kind exquisite ring is fashioned from vintage very substantial burnished rich solid brass parts patterned with intricate Victorian designs, with vintage brass filigree Victorian Renaissance pieces embracing a rare huge oval vintage dragons breath glass fire opal in the center---so incredibly full of blue and red fire! People are always awed by dragon's breath stones such as these, because they are so rare and so mystically breathtaking in could stare at them for hours, as it is almost as if spirits are captured within the stones!....This magnificent stone is bezel set in a beautiful vintage filigree setting, and surrounded with gorgeous vintage oval and round dragons breath and red fire opal glass stones. Both the large and small glass dragons breath fire opal stones have magnificent fiery sparks of electric blue deep within---fabulous in the sunlight! This ring is adjustable from about a 7-7.5 size up to probably about a 10....this can be done by simple stretching of the back to fit the individual finger.

Since it's so very imposing and reaches past the knuckle on most hands, this would be great worn on the middle or first finger....Trruly breathtaking vintage glass stones....All centered on fine layered detailed brass filigree which has such a wonderfully and truly antique look to it. Measures 1 -1/2" from top to bottom at the frontspiece. The stones & findings are all wonderfully unique & vintage, and come from my ever-growing stock of fine antique and vintage beauties---am always searching for gorgeous old elements to recreate that fabulous old antique look....Very comfortable & substantial on, and I always "test run" my jewelry to make sure it's very durable and sturdy....this one is a great addition to any vintage and antique lover's costume jewelry collection! What's nice about pure solid brass is that it doesn't contain nickel, and therefore is much less likely to cause an allergic reaction to the wearer....I have highly sensitive skin myself and find it wonderful to be able to wear vintage brass with no problems.

Please check my other listings for more handmade, one of a kind, truly antique-in-essence jewelry, 1920s style flapper cloche hats, restored antique clothing and other great items....I will be adding many more exquisite pieces including clothing, more hats and more accessories so do come again soon and thanks for looking!

Materials Used

vintage glass dragons breath stones, vintage glass fire opals, vintage brass filigree

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