Sage and Lemongrass Scented Container Candle in TerraCotta Flower Pot

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Product Description
Sage and Lemongrass Scented Container Candle in Terra Cotta Flower Pot

This container has the combination of lemongrass and sage.

Lemongrass has a hint of spice that is enriched by orange flower. It also has a very clean and fresh aroma of newly cut lemongrass. Hints of green herbal notes are also present in the lemongrass.

Sage adds a clean, herbal aroma with a touch of an earthy aroma.

Combining these two great scents gives a strong citrus blend with an herbal backgroun.

The green color is similar to the color of lemongrass and sage.

The flower pot is made of plastic and is a terracotta color.

An outdoor setting would be perfect for this candle. The lemongrass is a known mosquito repellant. Not only do you get the great scent of these two fragrances, but you also get a mosquito repellant. The best of both worlds.
Materials Used
lemongrass fragrance oil, sage fragrance oil, green dye, paraffin wax, soy wax, cotton wick
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Color: Green

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