5 Unbreakable Zebra Fish with red Christmas Ornaments

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Product Description
Five unbreakable, reusable, bold, and very unique fish ornaments for your Christmas tree. These fish will add wonderful color to your holiday decorating. I like the contrast between the stripes and the red edging. They will grace your tree for many years to come, as you pack these decorations away with no worries of breakage.

Tuck a fish ornament in with your Christmas greeting or attach to a gift as a delightful surprise. They too will use the decoration year after year, remembering your thoughtfulness each time they hang it up.

Also makes a colorful bookmark that can be used year-round. The hanger will fit over most doorknobs.

Each fish in this school measure about 3.5 x 2.5 inches. The hanger is about 3 inches. Be sure to order your fish early and have plenty of time to give them out before Christmas.
Materials Used
plastic canvas, yarn
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