Soap Saver Sack and Back Scrubber Bath Set Crocheted Blue

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Product Description
This bath set consists of one soap saver sack for your bar soap, and a textured back scrubber for your back. They are made of 100% cotton yarn. The color is a nice deep blue.

The soap saver measures approximately 6" x 4" and will hold a standard sized bar of soap, or lots of little slivers of soap. It has a length of yarn for pulling tight, and hanging up. It can be used to wash with, or simply to hold a nice smelling soap.

The back scrubber measures approximately 23" x 4 1/4". It has a nubby texture on one side, and a flat surface on the other. There are two attached crocheted handles for holding onto as you move it across your back, and to allow it to be hung to dry.

Both can be machine washed in warm water. If drying in the dryer, do so on a low setting, or simply lay flat and allow to air dry. Because they are 100% cotton there may be some slight shrinkage when washed. When wet, they will return to their original shape.
Materials Used
cotton yarn
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