Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt YoYo's, Group of 10 Blocks

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1960's Vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden YoYo Quilt Blocks, Group of 10 blocks, each with 19 yoyo's!

A quilter's delight!

From a 1960's, never-completed quilt project and sent to the Estate Sale bin ~ fabulous, bright, wonderful Grandmother's Flower Garden cotton yo-yo blocks for you ... with 19 yo-yo's in each block!

okay, okay, give me a second to do the math ... yep!... 5 times 19 ... carry the 3 ... that's a lot of yo's!!

Embellishments, Headbans, Brooches, Trims, Necklaces, Fascinators, Cuffs, Magnets, Pins, Scrapbooking, Hair Clips, Barrettes, Garlands ... WOW!!

Fantastic, bright colors are wonderfully themed into blocks of blues, greens, pinks, reds, tans, yellows ... and each with a bright red center.

The yo-yo's appear to be cotton or cotton blend and all are handmade. Some blocks are completely tacked together, some blocks have one or two yo-yo's that have become unattached. Each block has 19 yo-yo's and each is ready to use as it is or to take apart at your whim!

You will receive 10 blocks, in random and varied color combinations [all have a red center yo-yo]. No two block are alike.

I have not laundered or pressed the blocks and they each measure approximately 7.5" (19 cm) at their widest and each yo-yo measures approximately 1.5" (4 cm) in diameter.

You will receive approximately -10- 1960's Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks, each block with 19 yoyo's!

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Vintage Origin Details

A Vintage Quilter



yo-yo blocks




Year (estimate)


Item Condition


United States

Country of Origin


Cotton, thread

Primary Material


Materials Used

Cotton, thread

More Info

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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Cotton, thread

Size: 7.5" (19 cm) at the widest

Pattern: Hexagonal yoyo blocks

Color: Red

What people are saying about this product…

walkinthewoodsllc says:
What a fantastic set of yoyo blocks! Such vibrant colors âEUR¦ they will surely be turned into something of even greater beauty with the hands âEUR¦ and heart!
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