Vacation Message

Lc tools/Czextruder/Lc slicer buyers or lookers. All items in stock say in stock. All items that are out of stock/backordered say Pre-Order. If you want a pre-order item you must buy it before pre order date of 4/20/2014. That is the next date. After that the next pre-order date will be 5/18/2014. After that it will be mid June. If you want something please note that if you do not pre order it will not be in stock. Supplies are limited in the Czech Republic and I can only get what I pre order. I am trying to get as much as possible to stock but they sell out before I can even get them. So if you want or need something please pre-order. Any questions please email me at I am here to help and happy to work with you in any way. I will be closing shop April 28-May 8 as I will be at a clay retreat. If you do not hear from me during this time please note I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will try and check in but do not know how internet connection will be. Thank you for your understanding. Kimberly USA LC tools.

Also all polymer items I create are created as always in 1-2 days. Items that are finished ship next day. I will happily create ANY design, technique or custom order. I am here to create for you and love a challenge. I have many Cancer Awareness pin/pendants that will be listed soon and if you want one made in your Awareness please email me I will get to work creating right away.

Hugs and Happy Claying,