Vacation Message

Hello everyone. I am currently on vacation. Due to be back and shipping August 26-27th 2014th.

If you ordered a pre order prior to August 12th. Your orders have been placed with the manufacturer and will be shipped to me soon. Your order will ship from the Czech Republic. Once items are at my home in the USA I inspect then ship or hand deliver if pre arranged.

If you missed the first August Lucy Clay Tools pre-order and would like tools please preorder before 8/26/2014 or tools will not be available to you.... I will ship orders made on or before August 12th when I return from IPCA August 26 (unless we made prior arrangements). It will not ship until my return in August around the 30th it is to difficult and mistakes can be made when shipped from hotels. .

If you order clay creation items they will have a delivery date depending on if custom order or in stock and will not be created until August 30 th .

Tool Pre order and sale for Vegas and IPCA is only valid until August 26,2014 at 8pm Eastern time.... There is a current pre order sale that ends 8/26/2014 and then If you order after that time I will put it with the next pre order in September..

If you do not pre-order in August items will NOT be in stock so please pre-order what you need as I will be traveling the next few months. I will NOT have alot of stock on hand as all items in stock will travel with me..

So please pre order..
Thank you .. Kim

Hugs and Happy Claying,