Vacation Message

Pre-order now for October 2014. If you need items for any date in October please order them before October 1st. The next pre order date will be October 26th. The manuf. Will not have extra stock for Mammoth Cave Retreat unless it is pre-ordered so be sure to order the tools you want or need as I cannot bring the larger boxes Aio kits or slicers in my suitcase).

The new disk #6 Orders are shipped in order of purchase. They are not available unless pre ordered and will not be shipped to the USA Until early to mid OCTOBER 2014. if you ordered before August 20th. You should have your #6; disk. If you ordered after it will not be in the USA Until sometime in October per the manufacturer on 9/20/2014. I apologize for delays.

Need an item for an event or class we must pre order asap. . If I have enough larger items to order that will be the day. If not it will be delayed until I do. Shipping of tools from Czech Republic is expensive so I need to have enough larger items to make the shipping less. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Kim

USA/CANADA/MEXICO i handle worldwide but assist in these other areas. I can ship direct or have assistants in those areas that will help with a group order if you wish to save on shipping. Group orders welcome.

how does a group order work? You order the items from me. Pre order or in stock. I. Your listing specify that you would like to be in a group order. That you understand that it takes time to assemble the group order. Shipping will be charged. Any shipping overage will be refunded. Be advised that the assistant in your country will receive the shipment then contact you with proper shipping fees for your order to you. Depending on the area I will assist with this so that the work is not put off on the helper.

We at lctools are trying to help customers get the tools they want, quickly but safely and having options to every tool with the cheapest possible shipping. We believe customer service is top priority. We want you happy because these tools were made for you.

If your an international buyer you can buy worldwide from me. Shipping fees apply. I only ship priority to ensure tracking and safe travels for your tools.

Combined shipping orders welcome. Please email me we are happy to help you any way we can. Group events - want lucy clay tools there? Let us know if we can work it out we would love to come.


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