Vacation Message

I am on VACATION UNTIL MAY 18TH 2014. BUT I'm NOT Closing Shop. I Will only be available evenings after 9pm for questions/conversations. So email me and I will get back with you. I will be taking what I have in stock with me on vacation. Feel free to ordern first come first serve.

I WILL TAKE PRE ORDERS ON VACATION ON THESE DATES. 4/24/2014 AND 5/5/2014. IF YOU DO NOT PRE ORDER your items the next order will not be until sometime mid June. I have an event first week of june so busy bust so please dont miss out.

If you want the new HD czeXtruders or Hd double vise. Order before pre order dates above. I will NOT order extra. . Aio kits are available, Slicers are in stock. BUT You must PRE-ORDER IT IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN SECURE THE ITEMS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC. IF WE DONT PRE ORDER OTHER SUPPLIERS CAN BUY ALL OF THEM.

IN STOCK ITEMS> I have a few slicers red and magenta and they are $20 below normal price. Dont miss the sale/ i have the last two AIO kit xxl original version czextuder kits. Teal or magenta. Last ones. But will take them with me to the retreat and vacation classes for sale. if you want one order and ill ship from my location.

I Will NOT be buying stock for my shop while on Vacation. Only items you order. Why? because shipping is so high to ship from Florida to Michigan back and forth twice. So my stock will not be updated until Late May/June 2014. So if you want a tool you must order.

NEED HELP? QUESTIONS?? If you want to buy in the USA you must buy from my shop. If you order through another it comes through me anyways, we back each other and send customers to each other so that shipping and proper warranty and customer service is given for each country. We are a lc tools family and notify each other of all emails pertaining to the other country. We love the tools, the company and help each other.

I will check in every few days. I am not going to be available for help with questions and issues as I normally am. Please email the company if you have an issue at that cannot wait. Only emergency's please. If simple questions I promise to check in every day or every other day to help when I can.

Warranty issues come through me. You must send a photo of your problem to my email, explain the problem, if you used a tool on it, what you used, what happened and I will help you. Pre orders. Please note when pre-orders are taken the items are NOT made they are being made so it takes time. I do not have an exact shipment date. But in order to get the items pre-order is necessary. I can of course get one or two of something but if I need bulk amounts like usual it has to be done via pre-order to have the manuf. create large quantitys for the USA. So please understand I am doing this as a favor to all my customers so you get your tools first an as fast as possible. Once tools arrive in the USA, either home or on vacation location. I inventory and print labels and will ship in 1-5 days depending on location and circumstances of where I am. I appreciate your understanding. I didn't want to close for three weeks. So understand that things will be a little slower so that I can enjoy a rare few days off. Thank you. Kimi

Clay creations will not be made while on vacation. I will start creating when I return and will start custom orders and selling in stock clay items on May 20th. If you need something sooner email me at and If I have the items with me to create your design I will do my best.

Hugs and Happy Claying,