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Monthly Onesie Stickers are 4 inch round one time use stickers that are placed on a babies onesie outfit or t-shirts. Unique handmade onesie sticker designs for a Mom to be. Onesie Stickers are perfect for baby shower gifts or scrapbooking stickers. These are super cute onesie stickers that you can use to help you document your child's monthly growth. They are so adorable and your little ones are going to look so cute in their monthly photos! Just STICK-IT and then CLICK-IT. These onesie stick-ons are printed with waterproof & non-toxic laserjet ink onto a Vinyl-like Adhesive Material made right here in the USA, which means it is completely waterproof & indestructible. The sticker itself is not paper. This adhesive sticker is super thin, flexible and tearproof allowing it to bend with the babies movement. It is a matte opaque white, not clear or transparent, so you can use it on colored or patterned onesies. These will "pop" whereas a transparent sticker would be hard to read. More »