Shop Announcement

NEW ITEMS:: Weft & Tape Hair Extensions for custom coloring. Limited quantities available. Ombre, Sombre, Balayage and Dip Dye custom color clip in hair extensions,clip in fringe and wrap around pony tails. PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING BEFORE PURCHASING OR EMAILING. Everything in this store is "first come first serve". There are orders that take 4 days of layering colors to achieve the perfect balance. It's takes time and attention to detail to create the "sweet slow fade" without harsh lines aka your ombre or sombre colors. Production/Shipping time: The goal is 7-10 business days not including Wednesdays and Sundays. If it's taking longer, it's only because of the orders before you. I truly appreciate your business and patience. Thank you for supporting small business! You ladies are so awesome! Please turn your computer screen to the brightest setting. It is impossible to guarantee true image color vs reality when so many factors are at play. Brighter screen = happier buyer! More »