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Artisan Jewelry Handmade ~ 3D Jewelry: Dreamt, Designed & Delivered. Ready-made. Pick your metal, your favorite color, type ANY WORD into the box to search my shop (top right corner) or simply scroll down. ~google us!~ Open: 24/7 ~ From my NE Pacific coastal inland valley location. Welcome to my niche. Wires 'n Pliers, Where every single stone is recycled - twists, ties and blends colors and metals; feeds silks and other mediums through holes; throws ROCKs & makes chain, and bangs, bends, twists and pounds metals, combining them together, burning, shining and creating most of the components that hold them together. My tools: Pliers, hammers, anvils, files, tools with motors, my torch, my camera, and a numerous note pads and design pads, all applied to Metals, rocks, gems and beads. Rosaries, with traditional rosary wire wrapping, and silk work, too! More »