Grow With Us

As a member of you should know that you are an artisan making a difference. Great art and a thriving community are just a small part of the impact we can make. Together, we can change the world and reduce the global damage and environmental impact with our combined growth initiative. It all happens thanks to you!

A Cooperative Future

ArtFire works with Trees for the Future, an International nonprofit organization that is known for low administrative overhead costs and is high regard for the impact made throughout the world in reducing the overall global carbon impact through planting trees and education. For every new member who joins ArtFire we plant a tree in a part of the world that is in ecological crisis and turmoil.

How can you help? Today, when you join ArtFire we will plant a tree on your behalf! Regardless of if you sign up as a buyer, a seller, a basic user, or a verified, we will plant one tree for every new ArtFire user. Each tree helps replace trees taken through development and deforestation. By planting your tree, you help indigenous people save their land, communities and homes.

Plant a Tree - Make a Difference

You have the power with just a few clicks of your mouse to change lives! You are not charged in any way, but you will give so much! With just a few clicks you help deliver environmentally sustainable assistance programs that are economically beneficial throughout the world and provide improved living standards through tree planting, Agroforestry initiatives, and educational awareness programs that increase the quality and span of life in distressed regions around the world.

An Impact Felt Around The World

As the internet and the ArtFire Community grow, the link between virtual and physical worlds become tangible. We want you to experience how much you matter. As we watch our virtual forest grow online, we can measure the positive impact your contribution is making on the planet.

With your help and the focus of the ArtFire community you are helping to build forests in Honduras, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Senegal, India and the Philippines. As a welcome positive by-product for your involvement, we are also growing hope; hope for a bright future with less pollution and less carbon in our atmosphere. The hope that together with a collective voice we can make a difference! All of this is possible with your contribution to the ArtFire community. We thank you for taking a moment to help us grow. Collectively we make a difference!

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