You can now “Like” Your Favorite Items and Studios
Posted by sara on 05/07/2010 at 14:15:25

After trying out the Facebook “Like” button on the front page, we’ve just added a new Facebook “Like” button to all items and studios.
When you click any “Like” button on ArtFire while logged into Facebook, this action will be automatically updated on your Facebook wall, inviting your friends on Facebook to check it out. When someone clicks a "Like" button on your studio or item, it helps put your item in front of all their Facebook friends. This can be a useful free advertising tool for sellers, as each "Like" of your items and studio has the potential to be put in front of hundreds of other people via the Liker's news feed!

On ArtFire, this button will show how many people “like” an item or studio, and if you have Facebook friends who "like" an item, you’ll get to see their picture!

This new button is located just between the “Add to Cart” and “Add to My Amazon Wishlist” button on all items. It also appears right below the “Contact Artisan” button on studios, as pictured below:

                               For Items:                                                                                                                                For Studios:

/                                                              /


Posted By: SimpleThymePrims on 02/21/2011 at 06:14:55
I am unable to find this feature?? Is it still active??

Posted By: BriarRidge on 11/11/2010 at 03:24:25
Thank you for adding this wonderful feature to ArtFire! What a great asset for business!

Posted By: BlingDeco on 05/20/2010 at 20:23:13
Excellent! It's a great feature!

Posted By: BlingDeco on 05/20/2010 at 20:22:57
Excellent! It's a great feature!

Posted By: CanadianRockiesArt on 05/07/2010 at 16:05:14
That's terrific. I'm very happy to see this option now for all our listed items! I'll definitely be "liking" many beautiful creations I've found here on Artfire. Great job guys!

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