Melted Crayon Art

Something I’ve seen pop up on many different crafting blogs lately has been melted crayon art. The idea is pretty simple – just glue a configuration of crayons to a canvas or posterboard, and go to town with a hairdryer – but crafters all over the internet have taken this simple idea to some truly incredible heights! For your Friday fun day post, here’s a round-up of some of my favorite pieces that people have been showing off.   Love the idea of creating shapes with the crayons instead of just mounting them all on one side of the canvas! It’d take a lot of patience to make sure the wax streams in the directions you want, but this one turned out fabulously despite the challenge.   There have been a ton of “couple in the rain” melted crayon pieces flooding the internet, but I’m really fond of this one thanks to the lovely array of blues its creator used. And who doesn’t like going for a romantic walk in the rain every once in a while?   I have a major soft spot for anything My Neighbor Totoro-related, so I loved this Totoro piece. Inspired by the classic scene where Totoro is waiting at the bus stop with Satsuki and Mei, I could easily see something like this in a kid’s room. 🙂   The incorporation of paper daisies in this piece had me practically squee-ing at the cuteness! Daisies are such a friendly-looking flower, and they brighten up this piece immensely, balancing out the earthy greens and browns of the crayons perfectly.   Melted crayon art isn’t just for kids rooms or nurseries, y’all. It can be used to express so many different emotions and artistic styles, and as such, I am a huge fan of this darker zombie piece. For the zombie lover in your life, this might be a great artistic avenue to try!   This piece is just stunning from top to bottom. In a similar riff to the “couple in the rain” picture above, this artist used a palette of blues to add tear streaks to a gorgeously drawn eye, and the overall effect is quite striking.   There’s a lot going on in this piece, and the more I look at it, the more I find to love! It has a very Starry Night feel to it, for me, and I love how creative the artist got with the different ways to use the melted wax. Drips, dollops, smudges, and blots all turn this canvas into a colorful wonderland. Below is a great tutorial by Youtube user AmyG355 on how to get started on making your very own works of melted crayon art! I also found this tutorial by Instructables user miss make to be very thorough and helpful. If you’ve dabbled in melted crayon art, let us know and share your works in the comments!


  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I can’t wait to try it with a box of old crayons my friend was throwing away. I figured they would make a fun project so now if something turns out I can give it to her for Christmas. Thanks again!

  2. Arkyla says:

    I like to create stuff

    1. Arkyla says:

      Creat stuff is fun like to do art

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