MET Gala 2012 Inspiration


Everyone is talking about the MET Gala that happened yesterday.  And, although I usually don’t follow the awards red carpets anymore since I don’t really plan on attending anything where I’ll be dressing up like that anytime soon.  I think it is good to take inspiration from what the celebs are wearing.

For jewelry designers it’s great inspiration to see the colors of the metals and style stones of the extravagant jewels worn.  For clothing designers, I’d say the colors worn can really inspired options for dress designers or vintage sellers to know what women who are attending black tie events will be searching for.  It’s also good to watch for dress length and details like Angelina Jolie’s leg detail recently that someone took up to the hip for the MET.  Or back cutouts that were seen repeatedly at the MET.  Note details like that that women will be searching for.

Which styles stood out to you?  Did you read a blog or follow online to see what the celebrities were wearing?


I didn't really like January Jones' entire ensemble, but everyone is talking about her necklace as a jewelry trend to note so I thought I'd share:)

Sparkling rings, great inspiration shot and styling. She is styled by Rachel Zoe.

DIY Idea-glitter pockets like on Gwyneth Paltrow.

The color of Solange's dress and the cuff design are perfection! Great ideas to take away.


Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities